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Be One Gallery is thrilled to introduce our upcoming art exhibition “VOICE OF ART 2” a captivating and diverse showcase that promises to enchant art enthusiasts of all tastes. This exhibition is a vibrant canvas for artistic expression weaving together a rich tapestry of mediums including oil acrylic watercolour mixed media silk painting photography and the enchanting world of floral artistry. From the deep textures of oil paintings to the vivid versatility of acrylics the delicate finesse of watercolours and the innovative fusion of multiple mediums our exhibition pays homage to the vast spectrum of human creativity. The allure of silk painting the intricate snapshots of photography and the captivating floral arrangements will grace our gallery inviting visitors on an immersive journey through the kaleidoscope of artistry. Live art demonstrations in oil acrylic watercolour silk painting and the art of flower arrangements provide a unique opportunity to witness the creative process. To enhance your experience we’ve also arranged captivating musical performances to harmonize with the visual artistry.

“VOICE OF ART 2” exhibition is not only a visual feast but also a platform for fostering community engagement and enriching lives through art. By showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions we aim to inspire creativity and ignite conversations among our community members. Art has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together fostering a sense of unity and understanding. Moreover our exhibition serves as an opportunity for both local and international artists to gain recognition and for art enthusiasts to discover hidden talents within our community. We believe that through the universal language of art we can promote cultural enrichment provoke thought and celebrate the shared human experience. Join us in celebrating the beauty of art and its remarkable ability to connect and engage with our community. So get ready to dive into a world of artistic wonder VOICE OF ART 2!

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