The 5 Best Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in Singapore 2024

Best Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in Singapore
Best Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in Singapore
Image: Tayo Station

Watching your kids having fun in a safe and sound area is undoubtedly the utmost pleasure a parent can have. Unfortunately, in land-scarce Singapore, open playgrounds are not available in most, so indoor playgrounds are getting into the trend.

When looking for an indoor playground, you must be concerned about the facilities available and the service provider’s safety measures. Prices and the overall environment might also be the other areas to look at.

Whether you plan to find a dreamland for your children or simply a Plan-B for the rainy season, the following list of the 5 best indoor playgrounds for kids in Singapore [updated 2024] will help you out. So let’s have a look!

1. Tayo Station

Tayo Station
Tayo Station
Image: Tayo Station
  • Best for
    Tayo themed experience
  • Address
    E!Hub, Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Level 3, S(519599)
  • Phone
    +65 6283 7900
  • Website
  • Email
  • Tayo Station offers plenty of attractions, entertainment experiences, and indoor games to keep your kids busy with a Tayo-themed facility all around. Besides, they also offer rooms that you can book separately to have fun with your kids or celebrate their birthdays. You can also sit back and relax while watching your kids having fun in their separate seating area for parents.


    • Offers a whole Tayo-themed place: Tayo Station has maintained an overall theme of the facility, which is one of its most beautiful parts. From digs to manual rides and ball pools, everything has a consistency, which will help your child be in their dream place.
    • Engages children in physical activities: Tayo Station doesn’t simply offer indoor activities. Instead, they have set up to involve children in physical exercise to keep them healthy at the same time. This will help them stay active and strong while having fun at the same time.
    • Offer birthday party packages: Tayo Station has separate rooms available that you can book to play with your children. They also offer various birthday packages to let you celebrate with your kid in a peaceful environment. Don’t worry, as the bundles are not hard on your pocket.
    • Manages school trips for learning with fun: What’s more satisfying than seeing your kids having fun and learning simultaneously? Well, at Tayo Station, they also offer packages for school trips to take your children on an unforgettable learning adventure while making sure that they are enjoying every part of it.


    • Fun games
    • Recreational activities
    • Birthday party packages
    • Entertainment spaces and interactive areas
    • Toy store and canteen
    • Seating arrangement for parents
    • Ball pool and shows


    • Free for babies with age less than one year
    • $24 on weekdays and $28 on weekends for children up to 12 years
    • One accompanying adult is free and $6/pax for additional adults
    • $138 for savers pass

    2. Little Bear’s House

    Little Bear's House
    Little Bear's House
    Image: Little Bear's House
  • Best for
    No-screen toys
  • Address
    21 Lichfield Road, Singapore 556841
  • Phone
    +65 6974 6398
  • Website
  • With a focus on having an interactive space to ensure children's cognitive and social development, Little Bear's House is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Singapore. Their focus is to avoid screens and electronics to make your kids' best fun and learning experience. The facility is clean and safe for children, irrespective of their age.


    • Offers no-screen toys and activities: In our busy routine, we often let our children play with phones and tablets without realizing the damages they may have. At Little Bear’s House, they understand this problem, and this is why they discourage the use of electronic gadgets and offer alternative interactive activities for kids.
    • Have dedicated nursing facilities: Little Bear’s House is open for children from all age groups, and they are committed to offering a clear and safe experience for everyone. This is why they have dedicated nursing facilities to take good care of your toddlers.
    • Focuses on cognitive and social learning of children: Today, even the schools are not very much concerned about children’s social and cognitive development. Little Bear’s House goes one step further to take the responsibility of this development side by offering several in-house fun activities for children.
    • Offers lockers and guest pantry: If you and your spouse are coming along with your kids, Little Bear’s House also has a peaceful seating arrangement for you and any other guest. Also, they have facilities of lockers available in-house to store your lockers temporarily.


    • Nursing room facility
    • Changing room facility
    • Guest pantry
    • Retail corner facility
    • Feeding area with high chairs for children
    • Locker area
    • Development and entertaining indoor gaming


    • $22 per 2 hours for single playdates excluding peak days
    • $25 per 2 hours for single playdates for peak days
    • $208 per 10 visits for little bear pass
    • $3.50 per pair for anti-slip socks

    3. The Art Ground

    The Art Ground
    The Art Ground
    Image: The Art Ground
  • Best for
    Free entries during weekdays
  • Address
    90 Goodman Road, #01-40 BLK J, Singapore 439053
  • Phone
    +65 6925 0621
  • Website
  • Focusing primarily on children's creativity, The Art Ground has everything that can make the best use of playtime for your kids. They have separate facilities to promote each creative art, including singing, story-telling, painting, etc. So you can go for their accessible service if you are looking for the best indoor playground for art-loving kids.


    • Free entry during the weekdays: The Art Ground started with a mission to induce creativity among children, and this is why they have kept it accessible for everyone. They charge nominal entry fees during the weekends to avoid extra crowds within the facility.
    • Arranges online events for kids: During the global pandemic, when the entertainment opportunities for kids were limited, The Art Ground responded very well with well-organized online events. They were the pioneer of arranging art classes and entertainment activities using online channels, which hundreds of parents have praised.
    • Organizes art programs during weekends: Besides free entries during weekends, The Art Ground also makes sure that they have something special for you and your kids. They arrange art festivals on Saturday and Sunday and these events are open for everyone at an affordable entry pass.
    • The expert artists manage activities: When your kids are with The Art Ground, they will not simply interact with the toys and other colleagues. Instead, everything within their facility is administered by expert professionals who will take care of the learning and development of your children.


    • The curious sky
    • Happy homebodies
    • Wild rumpus
    • Hullabaloo
    • Rolling
    • I s-phi with my little eye
    • Down the rabbit hole
    • Design initiatives
    • Online art programs
    • Arts learning journey
    • Here we go: into the deep sea
    • Working with worms – for educators

    4. Pororo Park

    Pororo Park
    Pororo Park
    Image: Pororo Park
  • Best for
    Unique venues for birthday parties
  • Address
    6, #02-29 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • Phone
    +65 6250 9700
  • Website
  • Built on the Pororo theme, Pororo Park is your best pick if your kids want to see them everywhere in their play area. Besides facilities including a ball pool, express train rides, they have forest village tours to let your children meet Pororo and his friends. With an in-house café and classroom-oriented on the concept of learning with one, this will be the best place for your little ones.


    • Offer meet and greet sessions with Pororo: Pororo Park is the best place to visit if your kids are interested in meeting Pororo that they have usually seen on TV and mobile phones. The playground is beautifully built around the same theme, and your kids can have a real-time meeting with Pororo and all his friends.
    • Have unique venues for birthday parties: Are you planning to celebrate the next birthday of your cute little stars in a place surrounded by colors? Well, Pororo Park will probably be the first on your list as they offer carefully crafted birthday venues within their playground facility. What’s more? They offer affordable packages to make it easy for you.
    • Arranges daily live shows: With a large covered area, your kids can engage in different activities and interactive meetings with Pororo and his friends. They also put live shows every day, and you can also sit with your kids to enjoy the best of their art.
    • School trips and thematic day classes: If you own a school and want to give your students an all-new learning experience, give Pororo Park a chance, and kids will certainly love that. They have facilities for day classes build around the same theme, and you can also let them arrange a complete trip for students.


    • Pororo & friends’ gallop station
    • Hinoki pit
    • Petty supermarket
    • Shark ball pool
    • Pororo express train
    • Pororo’s house
    • Poby’s jungle gym
    • Tong tong’s little theatre
    • Toddler area
    • Rody’s toystore
    • Eddy’s classroom
    • Lockers loopy’s
    • Cafe
    • Birthday parties
    • School trips


    • Free for babies with age of 1 year and below
    • $33.20 for children up to 12 years
    • $7.50 per person for adults

    5. Happy Castle

    Happy Castle
    Happy Castle
    Image: Happy Castle
  • Best for
    Free flow of ice-cream
  • Address
    180 Kitchener Road, #04 - 22, Singapore 208539
  • Website
  • With state-of-the-art indoor playing facilities, Happy Castle is one of the masterpieces for the set-up and equipment available for kids. If you are having challenges developing your children's motor skills, this is the perfect place to select. Other than this, children also develop social learning while interacting with hundreds of fellows from diverse backgrounds.


    • Offer a free flow of ice cream: What’s more charming for your kids except for a scoop of their favorite ice cream? At happy Castle, their modern café offers this facility without any cost, and your children can visit the area anytime to enjoy the ice cream of their choice along with their buddies.
    • Facilities can be used without any restriction of time: Unlike other operators that usually offer the pass for a couple of hours, Happy Castle goes the extra mile by providing unlimited facilities. This means that your kids can enjoy their favorite game for as long as they want to. Great? Isn’t it?
    • Operates with six branches across Singapore: Happy Caste has six convenient locations around Singapore. They have maintained the same quality level in all areas where they work with perfect consistency. With this, you can easily access them anytime, no matter the site you are residing in.
    • Have lots of fun and interactive games: Happy Castle operates with one of the most extensive set-ups in Singapore. They have multiple facilities and gaming equipment to engage children indoors. This is not limited to fun only as children will develop motor skills and social skills to be the best version of themselves.


    • Several indoor gaming facilities
    • Birthday parties
    • Café
    • Lockers


    • 1 Maritime Square, #03-58, Singapore 099253
    • 180 Kitchener Road, #04 – 22, Singapore 208539
    • 181 Orchard Road, #05-33 to 36 Orchard central, Singapore 238896
    • 3 Gateway Dr, #04-K2 Westgate, Singapore 608532


    • 4-hour package $599 for weekdays and $899 for weekend
    • Private event $1099 for weekdays and $1499 for weekend

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