Top 10 Skill Enrichment Classes for Kids in Singapore

Good Skills for Kids in Singapore
Good Skills for Kids in Singapore

All parents want their children to have the best life and enjoy the best opportunities. Because of this, Singaporean parents enrol their children in enrichment courses every year so they can learn important life skills and be ready when great opportunities knock in the future. Truthfully, there’s no better inheritance to leave behind for your children other than a wealth of knowledge and skills for their adulthood.

Do you want your child to stand out when applying to universities and in life? Then look into some of these interesting enrichment courses that will teach your kids all the important life skills they need to succeed:

1. Art class

Did you know that a child’s communication and vocabulary abilities can be improved through art? Art encourages your child to express themselves through colours, shapes, and creativity. Additionally, art helps children understand their surroundings, giving them better spatial awareness.

Additionally, art can help people develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor and fine motor skills. Activities that improve fine motor skills include finger painting, origami, scissors, and sketching. Likewise, allowing the eyes to direct our hands while drawing or colour improves hand-eye coordination. For children, this activity can vary from easy tasks like tracing and colouring inside the lines to challenging pottery and murals.

To get your child started on their creative journey, you can send them for an art class at Artz Graine Art Studio. Artz Graine is a leading studio in Singapore that provides a platform for art cultivation, starting with an art invitational education.

2. Coding

As more businesses rely on digital applications, coding also evolves into an important life skill, and its demand will only grow. Give your child a head start on a rewarding career in computer programming with child-friendly coding courses! Children as young as 4 years old can take lessons at schools like First Code Academy to learn how to programme!

Your child will learn the fundamentals of coding under the guidance of qualified teachers with the help of cutting-edge teaching resources, starting with their age-appropriate junior coding classes. The school employs teaching tools like Cubetto and ScratchJr that are made especially for teaching children about coding, logical reasoning, and fundamental computer science concepts. Additionally, every lesson will allow students to produce tangible items they can take home with them. This is guaranteed to inspire them!

3. Cooking class

Cooking is also a valuable life skill for both boys and girls. If you’re not a good cook, worry not! Many cooking courses are available in Singapore, and they can turn your little one into the next Gordon Ramsay!

The Palate Sensations kids’ cooking classes, which offer classes for children 7 and older, would be a good place to start. However, if you want to introduce your child to cooking at a young age, you must attend the classes with them because some culinary tools and methods do call for adult supervision.

Simple dishes like Japanese bentos, Western comfort food, healthy snacks, and even a few regional dishes like wontons and char siew noodles will be taught during the class. Your child will get the opportunity to manage their own cooking while socialising with other aspiring young chefs, which is a great way to boost their self-confidence and social abilities.

4. Third language

It’s always a good idea to learn a new language! It’s a life skill that can lead to numerous opportunities in the future. Imagine all the language barriers your child would be able to overcome as a result of the gift of learning a new language!

Additionally, research has shown that picking up a new language helps to develop cognitive skills. This is especially true for kids, whose developing brains make it easier for new knowledge to influence their thinking. These cognitive benefits include multitasking, fast thinking, and making effective decisions. 

5. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is the best option if you’re looking for a sport that will make your kid stand out. Gymnastics will help them grow physically and mentally stronger and much more agile in their movements.

Gymnastics will also help improve their coordination and balance while also developing improved psychomotor skills. But what matters most is that gymnastics gives your kid a healthy way to release some of their pent-up stress from a day of schooling!

6. Touch typing

Everyone these days knows how to type, but are they doing it effectively? So if you want your child to type quickly and accurately, learning touch typing is a wonderful life skill to acquire. Even though the skill seems very trivial while your kid is in school, it will become a valuable asset as they approach adulthood.

If you’re curious, do check out TypingClub Singapore. Through interactive tutorials, achievement trackers, and educational games, this website offers a number of free apps that will teach your child appropriate hand postures while typing. You can even purchase their customised instructional keypad, which has labels to show where their fingertips should be placed for the best typing method.

7. Public speaking

Every child should be able to speak confidently in front of an audience should the occasion demand it. It’s a skill that boosts self-assurance, enables them to think quickly, and helps them communicate their thoughts to others. 

Consider sending your child to Speech Academy Asia to improve their public speaking skills. To help them deliver their speech more effectively, your child will be taught various skills, including leadership and entrepreneurial abilities. To teach these crucial skills in a fun and interesting manner, classes will also include educational games. Upon completion, your child will be awarded a certification and obtain a life skill that will help them excel later in life!

8. Swimming

Swimming skills can help enhance a child’s strength and mobility, which also leads to improved balance and coordination. These physical abilities can keep your child safe on land and in the water and enhance their performance in other sports.

Early swimming lessons can help improve the visual-motor abilities of young children. Studies show that young swimmers are better at following instructions and overcoming challenges than their non-swimming peers. In actuality, young swimmers outperformed their classmates in terms of mental and physical development.

9. Kumon programme

Kumon is a methodical, tested self-learning programme that equips your child with the critical thinking abilities and attitude needed to learn new things independently. The Individualised technique, which is the foundation of the Kumon programmes, is carefully planned by an instructor and used every day at home or in the centre. With the Kumon Method, children study independently while completing their assignments. This enables a child to start their studies at a personal level that they can handle without being judged on their age or academic grade level, allowing them to enjoy learning more.

10. First aid

Any set of life abilities would benefit from having first aid knowledge. Send your child to enrol in the Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA) course to obtain a first aid certification). Their course, “First Aid For Kids!” teaches children aged 5 to 12 the basics of first aid, including how to use a first aid kit, manage emergency situations, and put on a bandage.

During this course, your child will be guided by qualified teachers from SERA through various first-aid simulations to understand better how to react in an emergency. After completing this course, your child will be awarded a SERA-created Young First Aider Badge.


Children are full of enormous potential, and parents are responsible for nurturing them to reach their best potential in life! Start by sending them to a fun class they can play in and learn a skill while at it. As they grow older, learn to recognise their natural inclinations and talents and encourage them to pursue what makes them happy. Ultimately, what makes a child happy will also set them up for success in the future!

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