5 Best Singapore Live Music Bars for a Great Night Out

  • 5 Best Singapore Live Music Bars for a Great Night Out

It cannot be denied that exploring Singapore at night is extremely interesting. Whether you want to chill out at a cozy bar or sing along with a band, there is a wealth of entertainment waiting for you after the sun goes down. Here are some recommendations of places that offer great music, appetizing meals and a guaranteed unforgettable night out.

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1. Timbre @ The Substation

  • Timbre @ The Substation Image: Timbre @ The Substation


  • Great live music performances of the local bands every night: Timbre at The Substation is home to some of the best live bands in Singapore like 53A and Goodfellas with excellent performances.
  • Providing chilling open-air ambience for enjoying live music: Smartly utilising the covered open-air area behind The Substation building, Timbre provides customers a wonderful lively venue to relax and enjoy live music performances.

2. Crazy Elephant Bar

  • Crazy Elephant Bar Image: Crazy Elephant Bar


  • Best Rock 'n' Roll Blues bar in Singapore: If you are a true Blues fan, Crazy Elephant is definitely a place for you. Enjoy wonderful performances nightly with the hottest blues and rock bands in Singapore, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays with Blues Machine band’s performances.
  • Witty and funny jokes on television screens: This is one of Crazy Elephant’s highlights attracting people of all ages. The bar makes a good job of collecting extremely humorous and naughty jokes to entertain its customers.
  • Exciting Jam nights on Sundays: A special jam session is usually organized on Sunday nights when customers can perform on stage. Crazy Elephant welcomes everyone to perform on stage, simply tell the bar staff if you want.

3. Hood Bar and Cafe

  • Hood Bar and Cafe Image: Hood Bar and Cafe


  • Best place to enjoy original music in Singapore: If you like listening to original music played by local bands, you must visit Hood Bar and Café, which manages to bring talented Singaporean singer-songwriters on stage every night.
  • A live music bar with art theme: Hood Bar and Cafe is also famous for its beautiful art decor, featuring funky and street art on its walls.
  • Great place to organize events: Central location, nice foods and wonderful live music are some of the outstanding features that make this place great for party organization and gatherings, especially dynamic and active events like product launches or start-up networking events.

4. Wala Wala Cafe Bar

  • Wala Wala Cafe Bar Image: Wala Wala Cafe Bar


  • A favourite live music bar of the locals: Proudly serving excellent live music for over 20 years in Singapore, Wala Wala Cafe Bar has become one of the best places to enjoy music in the island city. To many Singaporeans, Wala Wala is a part of their childhood and adulthood, a relaxed place to chill out with family and friends.
  • Live performances at Wala Wala start earlier than at its counterparts: This is one of the main draws of Wala Wala Cafe Bar as many people want to enjoy live music for two to three hours and still probably get home before midnight. Performances start from 19:00 on weekdays and 21:30 on weekends.

5. Blu Jaz Cafe

  • Blu Jaz Cafe Image: Blu Jaz Cafe


  • One of the most popular Jazz bars in Singapore: Hosting excellent Jazz music performances regularly, Blu Jaz Cafe is a favourite hangout for Jazz lovers. Live bands play on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • An all-in-one cafe including dining area, bar, lounge and dance floor: Blu Jaz Cafe attracts people of all interest with its casual al fresco dining on the ground floor, an exciting bar and dance floor on the first, and a relaxing lounge on the second.

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