7 Best Cheap Spas for A Full Body Massage under $100

Image: Le Spa

After a long, stressful week at work, getting a massage is probably what is on your mind. It is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and reduce your stress.

Feel like it will be too expensive to keep attending massage sessions? Think again! With these locations offering massages for under $100 [updated 2023], massages will soon become your newfound regular treat!

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1. Balik Kampung Spa

Balik Kampung Spa Image: Balik Kampung Spa
  • Price
    From S$59
  • Address
    9 Chu Lin Rd, Singapore 669899
  • Phone
    +65 6892 0985
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 10:00 - 22:00
    Sat & Sun 10:00 - 23:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • If you are looking for a spa that offers affordable massage sessions with an ambiance that feels like home, then Balik Kampung Spa is for you. Its name means “going home” in Malay, which is what it feels like when you come to their spa for a relaxing massage.

    Located in a serene and comforting area in Upper Bukit Timah, Balik Kampung Spa is akin to your friendly neighborhood spa, providing a perfect escape from the rigors of urban living.

    What people like

    • 1-hour Aromatherapeutic Massage for only S$59: One of their spa’s best-selling packages, the Aromatherapeutic Massage, is offered for first-time customers at just S$59 for each 60-minute session or S$100 for a two-hour session.
    • Regular promotions for even better prices: First-time customers can get even better deals on Balik Kampung Spa’s full-body massage packages. Weekday and quick lunch break promotions are also available on selected packages.
    • Two decades in operation: Over the course of nearly two decades, Balik Kampung Spa has established itself as a reputable provider of holistic and affordable spa services, catering not only to the local community but also attracting loyal customers from neighboring areas seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


    • Aromatherapeutic Massage: S$98 for 60 minutes
    • Shiatsu Massage: S$98 for 60 minutes
    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage: S$88 for 60 minutes

    PROMOTIONS (For first-time customers):

    • First Time Visit Massage Promo: S$59 for 60 minutes
    • Weekday Massage Promo: S$100 for 120 minutes
    • Hot Stones Massage: S$98 for 60 minutes

    2. Lush & Glow

    Lush & Glow Image: Lush & Glow
  • Price
    From S$60
  • Address
    Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-25 Singapore 018984
  • Phone
    +65 8028 9118
  • Opening hours
    Daily 10:00 - 21:00
  • Website
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
    Chat on WhatsApp
  • Lush & Glow has got it all when it comes to beauty and wellness. This one-stop salon, located in the heart of the Central Business District, offers a wide range of services including massage, facial, nail spa, and eyebrow embroidery.

    Their full body massage options come with a friendly price so you can relax without stressing about your budget. Among their bestselling massage services are Meridian Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, and Slimming Massage.

    What people like

    • S$88 for a 60-minute Meridian Massage: For only S$88, you can enjoy 60 minutes of Lush & Glow’s Meridian Massage. This massage is designed to hit those special meridian points in your body using acupressure, leaving you feeling more balanced, relaxed, and totally rejuvenated. It’s the ultimate way to shake off tension and boost your overall well-being.
    • All-in-one beauty and wellness: Lush & Glow offers more than just massages. During your visit, you can make the most of your time by getting a facial or having your nails done. The salon also offers eyebrow embroidery and eyelash services.
    • Highly-skilled therapists that know the right techniques: Lush & Glow’s massage therapists are well-trained and have the required skills for the job. They are friendly and gentle with their hands, applying just enough pressure to relax your muscles.


    • Aromatherapy Massage
    • Meridian Massage
    • Tummy Detox Massage
    • Head Spa Therapy
    • Slimming Massage
    • Meridian Bojin Treatment
    • Moxibustion Ai Ju
    • Hot Stone Massage


    • Meridian Massage (60 minutes): S$88
    • Three Premium Spa Services (Massage, Facial, Eyelash): S$238

    3. Le Spa

    Le Spa Image: Le Spa

    Founded in 2013, this top-quality spa provides round-the-clock treatments to melt that stress away and connect your mind to your body and soul. Within their core values, Le Spa strives on providing world-class customer service to gain trust as an established brand, and expand their outlet locations. Combat fatigue and restore your energy with their signature massages.

    What people like

    • All day, all night operation: Ever seen a 24-hour spa? Now you have!
    • Express full body massage session: A 30-min massage session for $38
    • Spas in central location: Two of their spas are located in Chinatown and River Valley areas.
    • Beautiful spa rooms


    • Le Urban Fusion(LUF): 30-min session for $42; 60-min session for $66
    • Le Royal Balinese: 30-min session for $42; 60-min session for $66
    • Le Classic Swedish Retreats: 30-min session for $42; 60-min session for $66

    OPENING HOURS: 24 hours

    @ Club Street
    Address: 14 Gemmill Lane
    Tel: 6222 6803

    @ Upper Bukit Timah
    Address: 16A Chun Tin Road
    Tel: 6222 6805

    @ River Valley
    Address: 13 Mohamed Sultan Road
    Tel: 6222 6806

    4. Pure Bliss Spa

    Pure Bliss Spa Image: Pure Bliss Spa

    Since 2016, Pure Bliss Spa has successfully expanded to have 3 locations around Singapore. This spa participates in an accreditation scheme with CaseTrust for your wellbeing, as well as to upkeep with safe and ethical spa practices. With over 14 trained technicians, Pure Bliss Spa will knead away your stress with ultimate professionalism.

    What people like

    • Anytime anywhere massage for busy schedules: With 3 convenient locations and opening hours until 4am, you can enjoy a divine muscle-melting massage to fit your own schedule.
    • Thai-inspired atmosphere and decor: To accentuate the experience, Pure Bliss Spa decorates their branches with oriental Thai surroundings. The spa’s comfortable ambience provide you with a blissful experience from the moment you step into the spa.

    PRICES: Body massage at $58 per 60-min session 

    OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10:00 to 04:00

    @ Kovan
    Address: 17 Simon Road, #01-01, Singapore 545902
    Tel: 62220308

    @ Tampines
    Address: 201E, Tampines Street, 23 #01-112, Singapore 527201
    Tel: 62880308

    @ Newwest
    Address: 3 West Coast Drive, #01-14/15, Singapore 128021
    Tel: 63100308

    5. Natureland

    Natureland Image: Natureland

    Natureland is an award-winning massage and spa centre in Singapore. This CaseTrust accredited is among trustworthy destinations to enjoy body massage without any doubt of its “cleanliness”. Their foot massage, pre-natal massage and sports massage are also well-loved by many.

    What people like

    • 6 outlets islandwide: Including those at easily access locations like Robertson Walk, Orchard Point and Valley Point.
    • Open daily until 3am: Ideal for a massage session after a late night drink or cinema time in Orchard, Bugis, and Holland Village.
    • Super clean spa facilities and cozy ambience

    PRICES: Full body massage at $62 (member)/$69.55 (non-member) per 60-min massage session

    OPENING HOURS: Daily from 09:00 to 03:00

    @ Robertson Walk

    Address: 11 Unity Street #01-08/09, Robertson Walk, (S)237995
    Tel: 6733 6780

    @ Orchard Point
    Address: 160 Orchard Road #B1-12/13, Orchard Point, (S)238842
    Tel: 6235 6780

    @ East Coast
    Address: 907 East Coast Rd #01-04/05, Springvale, (S)459107
    Tel: 6445 6780

    @ Valley Point
    Address: 491 River Valley Road #02-01, Valley Point, (S)248371
    Tel: 6338 6780

    @ Holland Village
    Address: 29/29A Lorong Liput, (S)277740
    Tel: 6467 6780

    @ Chijmes
    Address: 30 Victoria street, #B1-01/02, (S)187996
    Tel: 6266 6780

    6. Legend Spa & Massage

    Legend Spa & Massage Image: Legend Spa

    Legend Spa believes in only hiring the best massage therapists in Singapore to support your health and wellbeing. Since its opening in 2016, the spa has successfully built a fanbase of customers that keep coming back for more.

    What people like

    • Frequent promotional offers for an affordable treat: Legend Spa runs occasional discounts on their services, which can be found on the special promotions section on their website. They currently offer their signature Oriental Body Massage at just $55 for an hour.
    • Tranquil ambience to set the mood: With 11 stunning treatment rooms and a relaxing steam room, Legend Spa enables you to connect with nature as the skilled therapists melt your stress away.
    • Open on Public Holidays: The flexible opening hours of Legend Spa allow people to treat themselves on their day off.
    • Serving customers until 3am


    • Oriental Body Massage: $45 (45-min session), $60 (60-min session)
    • Aroma Oil/Body Scrub (With massage add-ons): $10

    OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10:00 – 03:00, including Public Holidays

    Address: 2 First Street, #01-08 Siglap V, Singapore 458278
    Tel: 6444 1588

    7. Imperial Spa

    Imperial Spa Image: Imperial Spa

    With the royal theme and skilled therapists, Imperial Spa delivers luxurious massages at an easy-on-the-wallet price. Their serene settings at 2 different locations are just nice for you to discover your inner zen.

    What people like

    • 3 different types of massages to choose from
    • Happy hour deals for pampering on a budget: For an affordable $58 budget, you can enjoy a 1-hour massage session at Imperial Spa any time from 10:00 to 16:00.
    • Massage the night away: Aching for a massage at 3am? Imperial Spa is open until 4am to accommodate for aches and pains around the clock.


    • Imperial Swedish: $44 (30-min session), $73 (60-min session)
    • Imperial Accu Pressure: $44 (30-min session), $73 (60-min session)
    • Imperial Javanese: $44 (30-min session), $73 (60-min session)

    PROMOTIONS: Happy hour promotion at S$63 per hour

    OPENING HOURS: Daily from 10:00 to 04:00

    @ Bukit Timah
    Address: 184 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229854
    Tel: (65) 6635 7979

    @ Jalan Kayu
    Address: 263 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799491
    Tel: (65) 6555 7979

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