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DSC Clinic

  • DSC Clinic Image: DSC Clinic
  • Location
    Jalan Besar
  • Best for
    Low-priced tests
  • Cost
    Consultation: $7.40 to $21
    Tests: $6.70 to $75.20 each
  • Walk-in service
    Emergency only
  • Address
    31 Kelantan Lane #01-16
    Singapore 200031
  • Phone
    +65 6293 9648
  • Opening hours
    Mon-Fri: 08:00 to 11:00, 13:00 to 16:00
  • Website

DSC Clinic is a specialist institution providing screening service and treatment for various types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This public clinic is funded by the Ministry of Health (MOH) so their consultation, test, treatment, and medication fees are very affordable.


  • Women’s clinic is available under DSC clinic to cater for females with privacy need
  • Subsidised pharmacy available on the premises of the clinic
  • Financial assistance plan available for people in need
  • Patients can choose a doctor of a specific gender
  • Screening is on a single test basis, patients don’t have to take a package with a bundle of tests

COST: Cost of STD screening at DSC is broken down into consultation charge and the test service charge.

Consultation charge:

Doctor consultation$21
Nurse consultation$7.40

STI test charge:

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea PCR$31.00
Gonorrhoea Culture$15.40
Herpes Simplex$23.00 to $75.20
HIV Screening$10.90 to $21.40
Syphilis$6.70 to $21.40

Average payment for first visit: $80 – $120 (male), $100 – $140 (female)

Average payment for follow-up visit: $10 – $50 (male and female)

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