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Freia Medical
Freia Medical
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    Offers non-surgical laser therapy
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    435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria Office Tower #19-03, Singapore
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    +65 8223 0609
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  • Freia Medical is named after the God of beauty and aims to provide outclass services to individuals looking to regrow their lost hair. This clinic focuses explicitly on scientifically proven technologies to ensure that customers are getting practical results. They also focus extensively on patient safety, and all treatment options provided by them are entirely safe.


    • Offers non-surgical laser therapy: Technology has changed the way medical experts look into different hair loss problems. Focusing on innovative technologies, Freia Medical is among the few experts within Singapore that can successfully resolve various hair problems using laser therapy.
    • Focuses on patient safety: Hair transplants, specifically those involving surgical procedures, can be complex if not handled appropriately. At Freia Medical, the professionals are trained to put customers’ safety ahead of everything, and this is why all their surgical procedures are entirely safe to go for.
    • Have over 15 years of experience: Being in hair transplant for the past 15 years, Freia Medical has seen the rise and fall of different technologies. Building on their experience, they use a perfect blend of medication and other treatment options to quickly regrow your hair, which will undoubtedly be a confidence boost.
    • Have US FDA and Singapore HSA approvals: Having FDA and HSA approvals ensures the treatment’s safety, reliability, and effectiveness. Freia Medical operates with all these necessary approvals, which guarantees professional treatment.


    • FUE hair transplant
    • FUE eyebrow transplant
    • Regenera Activa
    • Artas hair transplant
    • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)
    • Laser therapy
    • Oral treatments
    • Topical applications
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