Hock Siong & Co.

Hock Siong & Co.
Hock Siong & Co.
Image: Hock Siong & Co.
  • Best for
    Second hand furniture and lower prices
  • Address
    Junjie Industrial Building, 153 Kampong Ampat, #01-03, Singapore 368326
  • Phone
    +65 6281 8338
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  • Hock Siong & Co. is best known for its exciting curation and selection of second-hand furniture that always has a story to tell. If you love vintage furniture or simply looking for an everyday item with a minimum budget, Hock Siong & Co. could be the first option. They have an in-house manufacturing facility, which gives a new life to even the used furniture and doors.


    • Offer second-hand furniture at low prices: At Hock Siong & Co., the team is best known for its choice of handpicking the second-hand furniture and refurbishing them to give it a brand new look while maintaining all its dignity past. With this model, they save the cost of manufacturing the table and pass on this benefit directly to the customers.
    • Wide range of options based on your budget: Hock Siong & Co. might be the most suitable preference if your purchase decision is heavily based on the budget. In their shop, you can have a large variety of second-hand furniture that you can purchase based on your pocket.
    • Open to bargaining requests of the customers: Even if you’re not satisfied with their reduced price tags, you can request the shopkeepers at Hock Siong & Co. to reduce the prices. Guess what? They reduce it based on the customers’ requests, and the better you bargain, the lower the expenses.
    • Offer accessible 7-days return facility: If you did not get a chance to check the furniture before purchase physically, you can still have it in your bedroom to see how it looks. If you are not satisfied with the design or the item purchased has any problem, you can return it within seven days, and they will be happy to make it up to you.


    • Tables
    • Storage units
    • Seating
    • Antique furniture
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Wooden doors
    • Mirrors
    • Wall arts


    • Tables starting from $120
    • Storage units starting from $220
    • Seating starting from $50
    • Antique furniture starting from $60
    • Outdoor furniture starting from $350
    • Wooden doors starting from $1,000
    • Mirrors starting from $450
    • Wall arts starting from $1200
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