Lechon Republic

Lechon Republic
Lechon Republic
Image: Lechon Republic Singapore
  • Best for
    Pork Lechon
  • Prices
    S$10 - S$20 per pax
  • Address
    275 Thomson Rd, #01-09 NOVENA REGENCY, Singapore 307645
  • Phone
    +65 8526 0821
  • Opening hours
    Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 20:30
  • Website
  • Lechon Republic is famous for serving the best-known Filippino classics. The spot stealer of the restaurant is its Lechon which is roasted over charcoal (the traditional way), giving the skin its crispiness.


    • Authentic, mouthwatering Filipino cuisine- especially Lechon: Lechon Republic is specialized in Lechon- they know how to make it perfect and loaded with flavors. However, they have lots of other dishes as well on their menu. A creamy, flavorsome dish that will bring you back to Lechon Republic frequently is Sizzling Bopis- made with a pig’s heart and lung.
    • Lechon Sisig, another star of the menu: The sizzling hot plate of Sisig is made from leftover pork. The pork is grilled over the charcoals, then chopped and mixed with chilies and onions and topped with raw egg. It is a fatty dish full of flavors. Don’t worry about the fat as the crunch and greens balance the greasiness of the dish.
    • Good services and affordable prices: Deliver delicious Filipino cuisine at a low cost without compromising the taste. The staff is friendly and treats the customers in the best way possible. Moreover, the casual atmosphere will make you feel at home.

    MENU: Lechon Republic does not provide an extensive menu; you can either order a set or a la carte. The set meal includes meat, rice, and a drink of your choice. It ranges from $7.30 to $11.30. However, if you want sizeable meat portions, go for a la carte. It will be ideal if you are going there in a group (of family or friends). Ordering half to 1 kg of Chopped Lechon will cost between $23.80 to $43.30. You can add on extra Lechon sauces or rice as well.


    • Chopped Lechon meal: $11.30
    • Lechon Sisig meal: $11.30
    • Lechon Kare kare meal: $9.30
    • Chopped Lechon: $23.80 to $43.30
    • Lechon Sinigang: $13.80
    • Crispy Pata (Pork Knuckle): $30.20
    • Bopis Ala Carte: $13.80

    NOTES: Lechon Republic gives you several service options, such as dine-in, takeaway, and delivery (including no-contact delivery). 

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