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MH Plastic Surgery

  • MH Plastic Surgery Image: MH Plastic Surgery
  • Location
    Orchard Road
  • Surgeon
    Martin Huang
  • Experience
    >25 years
  • Anaesthesia
    General anaesthesia
  • Duration
    3-4 hours
  • Hospitalization
    Not necessary
  • Address
    290 Orchard Road
    #20-01 Paragon
    Singapore 238859
  • Phone
    +65 6733 3372
  • Opening hours
    Mon, Wed, Fri: 09:00-18:00
    Sat: 09:00-13:00
  • Website

Dr Martin Huang has received accolades for his expertise in cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast lift, eye bag surgery, and ptosis repair.

He is frequently invited to speak on these subjects at Korean Plastic Surgery Meetings.

Dr Huang employs Korean Cosmetic Surgery techniques at the clinic but has personally modified and improved on them.


  • MH Plastic Surgery offers breast lift procedures with the latest technology.
  • The clinic provides the utmost confidentiality.
  • The services offered are not only effective, but they are also of the highest quality.
  • Conveniently located on Orchard Road.


MH Plastic surgery offers Mastopexy (breast lift) services to women with sagging breasts. The condition occurs when the skin at the upper part of the breast becomes lax. The result is the formation of excess skin causing the nipple to drop from its position.

A new location for the nipple and areola is identified. Incisions are made around it and extended down to the bottom of the breast. Excess skin is excised and the wound edges are held together with sutures.

The stitches are removed after a fortnight and the recovery usually takes a few days. The risk of infection is low, and there is little blood loss. With good scar management, the scars are less conspicuous over time. 


  • SAPS
  • SMA
  • SSCS
  • AACE
  • MPS
  • AMS
  • FAMS

 COST GUIDE: From $12,000

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