No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
Image: No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
  • Best for
    Chilli crab in a vibrant night spot
  • Address
    414 Geylang, Singapore 389392
  • Phone
    +65 6842 3415
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 – 23:00
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  • In the early days of No Signboard, only about 3 crabs were sold a day. However, Mdm. Ong Kim Hoi - a dedicated chef and her partner treated it as an opportunity to nurture their culinary passion. As a result, white pepper crab was created and made the restaurant famous through word-of-mouth advertising. These days, No Signboard is one of the best places in Singapore for seafood with the specialty of chilli crabs.

    No Signboard Seafood Restaurant Image: No Signboard


    • Chilli crab with various levels of spiciness: If you order chilli crab at No Signboard, you are best served with the level of spiciness of your own taste. A No Signboard’s chilli crab plate is always in tantalization; appearance may sometimes be pretty messy, though.
    • Home to best white pepper crab: No Signboard ‘invented’ Singaporean white pepper crab, in fact. No other places provide better white pepper crab than No Signboard. The restaurant possesses a perfect recipe for this dish. The peppery taste is strong but doesn’t overwhelm the sweetness of crab’s flesh. Served with some vegetables, this pepper sauce-coated crab dish goes well with fried rice.

    No Signboard in Geylang is the original branch of this restaurant chain. Geylang outlet reminds diners a lot about Singapore dining ambience in the past. If you wish to feel a vibrant Singapore at night plus a touch of the country in the old days, choose to dine in the outdoor area. It is a true crab-by-the-roadside experience. And if you want to avoid the sweltering weather, the air-conditioned area inside is a good choice.

    Crabs could be the star of the night, but you may need some more dishes to complete your meal. Why don’t you try the recommended dishes below, they are favorites of No Signboard’s patrons.

    • Cereal prawn
    • Razor clam (also known as bamboo clams)
    • Drunken shrimp
    • Baby squid
    • Yang Zhou fried rice

    No Signboard seafoodImage: No Signboard


    • No Signboard at Geylang offers the cheapest prices for an array of dishes in comparison with its other outlets


    • Water, peanuts, and towelettes are not complimentary
    • Small baskets are provided for each table to keep personal belongings
    • Reservations are highly recommended
    • Be prepared that your hands will get messy with the sauces
    • Valet parking is available

    @ Esplanade
    Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #01 – 14/16 The Esplanade, Singapore 039802
    Tel: (65) 6336 9959
    Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 – 14:30, 17:30pm – 22:00 | Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11:00 – 22:00

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