Suki-Ya @ Marina Square

Suki-Ya @ Marina Square
Suki-Ya @ Marina Square
Image: Suki-Ya
  • Best for
    Low-priced shabu shabu buffet
  • Price
    From S$22.90++
  • Address
    6 Raffles Boulevard
    #02-183B/C Marina Square
    Singapore 039594
  • Phone
    +65 6337 9969
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Thu 11:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
    Fri, Sat & Sun 11:30 - 22:00
  • Website
  • Craving something hot and savory? How about a steamboat full of delightful foods? An affordable Japanese hot pot meal at Suki-Ya can add zest to your day without burning a hole in your wallet.


    • All-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki at unbeatable prices: Suki-Ya is famous for its two-in-one buffet feast, offering diners a shabu shabu experience as well as a bonus Sukiyaki. The weekday buffet lunch is priced at S$22.90++, while the weekday buffet dinner costs S$27.90++.
    • A variety of soup broths to excite your taste buds: With Suki-Ya’s 6 types of soup bases, you will surely find something that hits the spot. Choose from Shabu Shabu (low in calories & light on the palate), Sukiyaki (sweet), Butaniku (pork-based), Tomato (tangy and flavourful), Kimuchi (spicy miso), and Fresh Soy Miso (miso and soy milk).


    • Beef Slices
    • Pork Slices
    • Chicken Balls with Cheese Filling
    • Pork Balls with Cheese Filling
    • Udon
    • Glass Noodles


    • Weekday Lunch Buffet: S$22.90++
    • Weekday Dinner Buffet: S$27.90++
    • Weekends/ PH/ eve of PH Lunch: S$25.90++
    • Weekends/ PH/ eve of PH Dinner: S$30.90++
    • Top up S$10.90 to enjoy a variety of premium meat, including Wagyu beef, Iberico pork, Duroc Pork Collar, and Seafood.

    ATMOSPHERE: Suki-Ya at Marina Square is a spacious restaurant that offers comfort and privacy to diners through its booth seating. With warm orange lighting and dark wood decor, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.

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