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Terra Medical Clinic
Terra Medical Clinic
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    Advanced equipment for hair loss diagnosis
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    9 Scotts Road#11-03 Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
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    +65 6909 0927
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  • With their motto of "It's not vanity, it's hair care", Terra Medical Clinic offers best in class hair replacement and baldness treatment within Singapore. The international bodies have recognized Dr Joshua for his expertise in using Regenera Activa. Depending upon the specific reason behind your hair loss, they have multiple treatment options to let you regain the glory.


    • Have excellent customer reviews: Terra Medical Clinic has been recognized by hundreds of satisfied customers for their high-quality treatment services on Google reviews. You will find customers praising for their expertise and professional treatment along with multiple options to choose from based on your needs and pocket.
    • Have advanced equipment for hair loss diagnosis: It is essential to diagnose the problem to offer effective treatment correctly. At Terra Medical Clinic, the professionals are very well trained and have state-of-the-art apparatus to identify the problem causing your hair loss. This can ensure positive results of subsequent treatment.
    • Offers multiple treatment options to select from: Terra Medical Clinic has every facility, from simple medication to stop hair’s shedding from advancing hair transplants. Whether you have mild hair loss symptoms or a completely bald head, you can have the best treatment based on your own choice.
    • Maintains regular blogs on hair loss: Terra Medical Clinic feels proud to educate the customer by posting regular baldness and hair loss articles. If you are concerned with your hair loss, you can read their articles with reputable research references to understand the underlying reasons.


    • Male hair transplant
    • Female hair transplant
    • Facial hair transplant
    • Hair loss medication
    • Terra scalpboosters
    • Regenera Activa scalp therapy
    • Low-level laser light therapy
    • Nutrafol hair restoration supplements
    • Aromase Medipro treatment


    • Mild hair transplant cases have a cost of $6,000 and go up to $20,000 depending upon the transplant area.
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