The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot

The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot
The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot
Image: The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot
  • Address
    19 Tanglin Road
    #04-06/07 Tanglin Shopping Centre
    Singapore 247909
  • Phone
    +65 6734 8135
  • Opening hours
    Daily 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Strongly survived for more than twenty years, The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot satisfies steamboat lovers with good quality foods and pleasant service at inexpensive prices. This restaurant offers diners two steamboat dining experiences, buffet and a la carte. Whether you are a small eater or want to have premium ingredients like abalone for your hot pot, the a la carte option may suit you best.


    • One of the first hot pot restaurants introducing mala soup to Singaporean diners: Come into Singapore’s food scene since 1994, The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot with its addictive mala soup keeps the locals coming back time and time again.
    • Wide variety of steamboat ingredients: Whether diners go with the a la carte buffet or a la carte option, the ingredient choices are plentiful. With around hundred of high quality menu items, this hot pot place will take you on a delicious Sichuan culinary journey.
    • The restaurant is serious about giving diners a true Sichuan hot pot experience: Having the super spicy Sichuan soup may make one’s tounge numb and body sweat. This restaurant emphasizes on three steps to maintain the pleasure from the beginning to the end – taste sweet and savoury titbits served in between the meals to clean and refresh the palate, dip the cooked hot pot ingredients into the restaurant’s special sauce to enhance the flavours, and enjoy Eight Treasures Tea to reduce the heat and restore the yin yang balance.

    There are four types of soup for buffet option – Ma La Tang, Faithful Chicken Broth, Preserved Vegetable Soup, and Herbal Chicken Soup. Among those, Ma La Tang and Faithful Chicken Broth are highly recommended.

    For a la carte options, the choice of hot pot soup goes up to six with some offers cannot be found elsewhere – Herbal Chicken Soup, Fish Head & Preserved Vegetable Soup, Black Chicken Soup, Nutritious Herbal Soup With Black Chicken, Nutritious Turtle Herbal Soup, and Nutritious Herbal With Frog Leg Broth.

    ATMOSPHERE: The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot features a Chinese home-style ambience, set by the simple wooden tables and chairs, faux stucco walls, red lanterns, and oriental ornaments. With ample space between tables, the environment is comfortable for a hot pot place.

    Weekday lunch buffet: S$23.90++
    Weekday dinner buffet: S$33.90++
    Weekend lunch buffet: S$25.90++
    Weekend dinner buffet: S$35.90++

    4.6 (304 Votes)

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