Veggie Cottage (Closed)

Veggie Cottage (Closed)
Veggie Cottage (Closed)
Image: Veggie Cottage (Closed)
  • Address
    13 Dalhousie Lane, Singapore 209682
  • Phone
    +65 6785 6771
  • Opening hours
    Tue to Fri 10:30 – 20:45
    Sat 09:30 – 21:00
    Sun 09:30 – 16:00
    Closed on Monday and last Sunday of the month
  • Veggie Cottage is a lovely little vegan café with only 20 seats. Despite its location at Little India, the café has a serene atmosphere that can make diners forget about the hustle and bustle outside. Come and enjoy the delights of having something familiar from its regular menu and discover the surprising treats from its rotated special menu.


    • A peaceful home-like atmosphere for enjoying something green: Step into this little café, you may feel like you are at home. A small bookshelf, a pink curtain, comfortable sofas and soft background music, all have a personal touch to make you feel warm and peaceful.
    • A place where local favorites shine together with Western cuisine: The menu of Veggie Cottage is small, but it still has enough space for local food and Western fare to live together. Nasi Lemak, Claypot Tofu, Veggie Chicken Rice and Laksa are nicely prepared to satisfy your local dish craving. If you want to have a quick fix of Western food, grab Spaghetti Bolognese, Fish and Chips, or Aglio Olio.
    • 100% vegan menu: All the menu items are free from meat, egg and dairy products. It is the true world of vegan where innovative cooking techniques give boredom no room to live. Having doubts about it? The restaurant’s selection of hot drinks is a distinct example. Pick the Soy Latte and find the answers in its beautiful taste.
    • Fish & Chips, a must try: The mock fish can knock diners out at the first bite with its light, crispy and well-seasoned batter. The dish tastes even better when paired with vegan tartar sauce.


    • Starters: S$5.80 – S$8.80
    • Mains: S$5.20 – S$9.80
    • Sides: S$1.50 – S$4.80


    • Cash only
    • It may take 20 minutes for the foods to arrive on your table.
    • Onion and garlic are used in some of the Western dishes.
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