AZ Movers & Traders: Plumbing Services

AZ Movers & Traders: Plumbing Services
AZ Movers & Traders: Plumbing Services
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    201 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208887
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    +65 9832 2028
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    Sat to Wed 10:00 - 19:00
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  • AZ Movers & Traders is a services provider in Singapore that offers reliable plumbing services with transparent pricing. Whether you need a quick fix or need to install new plumbing in your home, office, or commercial space, the expert plumbers at AZ Movers & Traders can deal with it all.

    What people like

    • 24/7 emergency support for plumbing needs: If you have a busted pipe or leaky roof, you can call AZ Movers & Traders, as their plumbers are available around the clock. They can provide necessary fixes to ensure your and your home’s safety. 
    • Regular plumbing inspection and maintenance contracts to save money: AZ Movers & Traders offer contracts for periodic maintenance services for commercial spaces. Such a service can ensure that plumbing issues never become a disruption.
    • Smart plumbing services for smart homes: Their qualified plumbers can install and fix smart faucets, toilets, and heaters that are energy-efficient and make life convenient.


    • Bathroom plumbing 
    • Kitchen plumbing
    • Office plumbing
    • Commercial plumbing

    * AZ Movers & Traders offers both installations and repairs.

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