Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM)

Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM)
Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM)
Image: Customade Costumes and Merchandise
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    One of the widest costume choices on the market
  • Address
    3 Kelantan Lane #02-01 Singapore 208625
  • Phone
    +65 6333 9440
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 11:00-19:00
    Sat 10:30-15:00
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  • Customade Costumes and Merchandise (CCM) is a top-rated Singaporean rental service with tens of thousands of costumes and accessories from all periods down to the Victorian and Medieval eras. It is considered the premier rental store on the island due to its generous costume offering and customization services. Whether you have a party coming up or Halloween is around the corner, CCM is exactly what you need to look like your favorite character.


    • All types of characters, mascots, and other costumes: CCM is the ultimate choice no matter your objectives. Its costume choice is comprehensive and inspiring, suitable for any occasion.
    • Customizing costumes is CCM’s strength: Taking it one step further, the company has its own professional tailors. They can assist you in creating a unique, highly detailed costume according to your request.
    • Flexible rental periods: If you have a more extended event, customizing the rental period is a must to ensure success. Fortunately, CCM offers rental periods from one day to up to one week, and you can also contact them for a longer time.
    • Hire your own event truck: The CCM costume rental truck is a new service that provides peace of mind. It comes with several packages, a costume photo booth, return arrangement, and more.


    • Rental of tens of thousands of costumes and accessories
    • Customization services
    • Consultations
    • Made-to-measure costumes
    • Mascot cleaning and maintenance
    • The event truck includes nine costume racks, three changing rooms, four mannequins, and a counter
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