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Ikari Services
Ikari Services
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    Effective methods with top priority of health and safety
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    625 Aljunied Road, #03-07, Aljunied Industrial Complex, Singapore 389836
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    +65 6743 1313
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  • If you are looking for comprehensive pest control services that are eco-friendly and safe, Ikari Services might be a good option. The company is well known for its organic and natural odor neutralizers that turn foul gases and poisonous chemicals into nontoxic agents. They are also equipped and trained on a wide variety of treatments that can be customized according to the space and nature of the problem.


    • Use of effective methods with top priority of health and safety: Ikari Services makes use of their specifically designed five-step process for effective pest control that prioritizes the safety of both you and the environment. Instead of using similar treatments for all problems, they first spend time diagnosing the case and then act accordingly to maximize usefulness and impact.
    • Led by board-certified entomologists: Ikari Services has its headquarters in Japan with a purposely designed facility for research and development. Their team in Singapore is led by board-certified entomologists who are professionally trained individuals with the right ability to craft the best treatment for various pest situations.
    • Over 40 years of experience: Nothing beats the experience that a company carries in the industry when it comes to assessing its abilities and strengths. Ikari Services has been operating in the pest control industry for more than four decades, with thousands of satisfied customers in different countries.
    • Wide variety of treatment methods: Ikari Services understands very well that one size does not fit all when it comes to an effective pest control service. That’s why they have over eleven different pest control treatments that can be adopted, depending upon the nature of the pests and the environment in the targeted area.


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