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Siva Towing and Transportation

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    Fast response rate for towing services
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    07# 232, 118 Pending Road, Block 118, Singapore 670118
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    +65 9222 8511
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Carrying with them an experience of over 15 years, Siva Towing and Transportation is among the most reliable and cost-effective towing solution in Singapore. With this much familiarity, they completely understand the challenges one may go through in case of emergency, and this is why their portfolio covers a range of additional services.

Specifically designed for bikes, they can cater to all your towing and transportation needs. Thanks to the up-to-date infrastructure and facilities that they are maintaining.

Siva Towing and Transportation have its services island-wide. They have also been praised by hundreds of customers due to their fast response rate.


  • With extensive experience in the field, Siva Towing and Transportation is well-aware of the necessary actions to be taken for your vehicle’s safe carriage.
  • You are unsure are where you? Simply sending your location on WhatsApp and their genies will join you in few minutes.
  • If you prefer preventive approaches to save you from bigger emergencies, you can also call them for inspection services if an abnormal sound is just felt on your motorbike.
  • Siva Towing and Transportation is perfect for accidental towing services as they will also handle your claim process afterwards as a complementary service.


  • Motorcycle towing services
  • Traffic police compound collection services
  • Inspection services
  • Export services
  • Scrap services
  • One-stop accidental claim services

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