TWG Teas and Accessories

TWG Teas and Accessories
TWG Teas and Accessories
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To combine a memory of your trip to Singapore and a supreme taste, pay attention to TWG teas. They come in various versions and flavors, some of which are citrus, fruity, mint, spiced, and chocolate. 

As for picking the tea type, better allocate a lot of time if you happen to be choosy. Some among many varieties are Fruit Mountain Tea, English Earl Grey, French Earl Grey, Black Pagoda Tea, and Holiday in New York Tea. Given that you prefer something fancier, how about Ace of Hearts, Immortal Moment, Ivory Orchid (so Singaporean, right?), and Love Me teas?

Moreover, you may wish to throw in a cookie or a jelly for additional pleasure. 

For something more permanent, take a look at TWG tea accessories. Teapots, for example, are available in standard and imaginative designs. You can say the same for teacups and tea bowls. 

PRICE RANGE: Prices for TWG teas range from several S$ to over S$1,000 (Imperial Gyokuro). For a teapot, plan anywhere between S$100 to around S$5,000, unless you aim for one made of sterling silver (S$13,000). To save a couple of hundreds or thousands of S$, opt for teacups (up to S$665). 

WHERE TO BUY: You can find TWG stores at Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands, Republic Plaza, and ION Orchard, among other locations.

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