The 5 Affordable Organic Grocery Stores in Singapore

Image: BestOrganicFood

Organic produce is often attached to high price tags, but the situation has changed.

These days, we can get organically-grown vegetables and fruit at affordable prices. One of the reasons is that some local farms have produced their own greens to meet the increasing demands of health conscious consumers.

Local people consume local organic veggies. Is it a good idea?

1. BestOrganicFood

BestOrganicFood Image: BestOrganicFood

Started in 2010, BestOrganicFood is well known as a Singapore’s leading grower, distributor and retailer of organically-grown produce. With both physical and online stores, BestOrganicFood makes things more accessible to going-green consumers.

2. Zenxin AgriOrganic Food

Zenxin AgriOrganic Food Image: Zenxin AgriOrganic Food

Fresh produce is the main focus of Zenxin although it covers a wide range of organic products. You can order Zenxin’s products online or visit its wholesale centre to have a look at the veggies before making a purchase.

3. Green Circle Eco Farm

Green Circle Eco Farm Image: Green Circle Eco Farm

Ordering fresh produce from Green Circle means making an direct order from a farm in Singapore. The greens are harvested and packed in the morning of the delivery day, so be sure that you will have the freshest vegetables for your meals.

4. Pasar Organic at Fairprice

Pasar Organic at Fairprice Image: Pasar Organic

With its own organic brand named Pasar Organic introduced to the market in 2008, Fairprice is a nice choice for you to add organic greens items to your shopping trolley. A range of organic produce are available at most of Fairprice stores, so it is no longer needed to travel a long distance to buy the same things you can easily get right at your neighbourhood.

5. Quanfa Organic Farm

Quanfa Organic Farm Image: Quanfa Organic Farm

Being one of the leading organic produce distributors in Singapore with most of its vegetables and fruits grown in its local farm in Lim Chu Kang, Quanfa is always available for online orders delivered directly to home.

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