5 Best Vegetarian Catering Services in Singapore: 2023 Guide

Image: Yeh Lai Siang Catering

You are planning a party for people who are on vegetarian diet? Don’t look for food caterers specialized in vegetarian menus because they don’t exist in Singapore food scene, in deed. Your saviors are the sophisticated caterers whose services are for both the veggie and non-veggie. These buffet caterers give a few plant-based menus in their offers for you to celebrate your special occasions conveniently.

If you want to have a mixed order of veggie and non-veggie dishes to cater for your mixed crowd of guests, some caterers are happy to assist you. Scan through our list to find out your right services.

1. YLS Catering’s Vegetarian Menus

YLS Catering’s Vegetarian Menus Image: Jolene Ong


  • Four vegetarian menu options at affordable prices: While other caterers offer 1 to 2 vegetarian menus only, YLS Catering has 4 options under its belt. Ranging from S$8.80 to S$13.80, these menus guarantee that you can have from 7 to 10 courses for your party meal.
  • Lots of best-sellers: With a culinary team of high caliber members, YSL has been able to deliver quality catering service that its customers have become accustomed to. The most commendable dishes include smoked duck with black pepper, yam paste, maggi noodle, chicken curry, and sambal prawn.

2. Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service

Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service Image: Ronnie Kitchen


  • Various food and price choices: Together with YLS Catering, Ronnie Kitchen offers customers the widest menu and price choices. You can opt for getting 7 courses at $S8.80, 8 courses at $S8.80, 10 courses at $S10.80 or 8 courses at $S13.80. It can be said that about food standard, affordability, and timing of delivery wise, Ronnie Kitchen couldn’t be more perfect.
  • Always reliable and consistent: Being able to stay consistent at all times sets Ronnie Kitchen apart from other caterers. The timing of delivery is always punctual combined with the staff’s professional service and work ethics. The foods are always at their best.

3. Yeh Lai Siang Vegetarian Catering Service

Yeh Lai Siang Vegetarian Catering Service Image: Yeh Lai Siang Catering


  • Wide selection of food items: A selection of approximately 80 Chinese-inspired vegetarian dishes is available, which absolutely makes you be spoilt for choice. But don’t fret; there are plenty of best-selling dishes to choose from such as Fish Glazed with Lemon Butter, Braised Silken Tofu, Yeh’s Curry Chicken, Sotong in Sambal Dressing, and many more.
  • Mixing up veg and non-veg dishes is allowed: Yeh Lai Siang enables customers to mix non-veg dishes and veg dishes in one order. This allows you to colour your food options in rainbow basically, so you can satisfy your vegetarian and non- vegetarian guests.

4. Bellygood by Tung Lok’s Vegetarian Catering Service

Bellygood by Tung Lok’s Vegetarian Catering Service Image: Bellygood by Tung Lok


  • High quality fixed vegetarian buffet menu (S$18/pax): Bellygood attaches special importance to quality over quantity with its single vegetarian menu. You can be sure of getting well-done vegetarian dishes like marinated mushrooms with shredded bean curd skin, mixed veggies in laksa curry, steamed crystal dumpling, and aloe vera pudding.
  • Premium ingredients: Bellygood tries to bring the riches of great food in the catering menu with premium ingredients such as bai ling and monkey head mushrooms. They are worth noting for their exceptional texture and taste that resemble seafood. In fact, monkey head mushroom is used for specific purpose of health improvement. More clearly, it possesses medicinal properties that can fight the growth of tumor in the body, lower blood sugar levels, and improve the overall immune system.
  • Experienced caterer for corporate functions: Being a member of the TungLok Group- a trusted F&B brand in Singapore and the owner of LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at once, Bellygood has immediately become a reliable name in the catering service industry. It is true that the mass of corporate clients that serve small or big events such as the Chinese New Year or Singapore Day patronize this company.

5. Nara Thai Cuisine’s Vegetarian Catering Service

Nara Thai Cuisine’s Vegetarian Catering Service Image: Nara Thai Cuisine


  • Vegetarian Thai menu: Want something new for your vegetarian meal? Or you’re with a bunch of adventurous foodies who want to explore the scrumptious Thai food? Nara’s vegetarian dishes derived from old-age Thai recipes might fill you with wonder. Pomelo salad, stir-fried kalian with garlic, Thai herbs blue fried rice, and Phad Thai are just some of the delicious dishes on its menu.
  • Food quality doesn’t disappoint: Voted as one of the best Thai restaurants on the island, Nara is a trustworthy culinary destination to many foodies. You can never go wrong with its catering foods which are as equally good as its restaurant ones.
  • No mock meat on the menu: Yay, perfect for strict vegetarians! If you have guests who prefer to eat greens only, this caterer can help you. But don’t be too hasty if you think you’re going to have limited options because Nara has got approximately 28 food items on its menu.
  • Customizable option: In such a way that you will be able to reduce the quantity of food in order to improve its quality. This gives you the chance to leave a long lasting impression on your guests about your party or event. Plus, the service is professional with emphasis on on-time delivery.

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