Get around in Singapore by taxi: Services and Prices

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No doubt, taxis are the fastest transport mode to get to any destination in Singapore at any time. It is always a good option when you travel in group and the distance covered is short.

Expect to pay more if you book the taxi ride via phone, during peak hours, after midnight, and for trips to central business district (CBD). All taxis in Singapore are fully licensed and run on meter.

You can hail a taxi at the taxi stands of the malls, in front of hotels, or anywhere in the streets by giving a hand signal. Catching taxi can become difficult between 16:00 to 17:00 when most cab drivers change shifts, at late night, and during rush hours.

TAXI FARES: For a regular taxi, flag-down fee is from SGD 3.6 ($2.63) to SGD 3.9 ($2.84), then an amount ranging from SGD 0.55 ($0.4) to SGD 0.94 ($0.7) will be charged per each subsequent kilometer.



  • There is City Area Surcharge (SGD 3) from 17:00 to 23:59 daily including Public Holidays.
  • 10% surcharge applies to payment made via Credit card.
  • Ez-link card can be used to pay for taxi fares.

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