The 5 Best Salsa Dance Clubs in Singapore

Image: Cuba Libre Bar

Evolved from Cuban social dance forms, Salsa has become a popular dance in different cultures. Uniquely, Salsa comes to the heart of Singapore’s young generations acquired as a “vertical sex dance” that connects the youth to their Mr. or Ms. Right. Salsa club is an ideal place for dancing, for fun, and to meet a lifelong partner, indeed.

So, why don’t head yourself to the following most popular salsa clubs in Singapore to spoil yourself in charming steps of salsa and great socializing chances.

1. Union Square Salsa Dance Club

Union Square Salsa Dance Club Image: Union Square Salsa Dance Club

Renowned as one of the best Salsa dance clubs in Singapore, Union Square provides enjoyable and exciting Salsa nights to both salseros and non-salseros. With great Salsa music, friendly ambience, and trendy crowds with lots of fun, Union Square dance club has won the youth’s hearts.


  • The longest-running Salsa dance club in Singapore
  • Being voted as Best Salsa Club in 2008
  • Wonderful Salsa music on Salsa nights from its resident live band and DJs

2. Cuba Libre Cafe Bar

Cuba Libre Cafe Bar Image: Cuba Libre Cafe Bar

Being famous for nice drinks, live music, and vibrant ambience, Cuba Libre Cafe Bar is a popular Cuban bar in Singapore, drawing a lot of fun and energetic clubbers every night, especially Latin and Salsa fans.


  • Cuba Libre is one the most interesting bars in Clarke Quay, providing entertaining live music from Monday to Saturday.
  • The bar serves some of the best Mojitos in Singapore.
  • It provides a cosy yet exciting dance floor attracting many Salsa and Latin dancers.

3. JJSalsaRengue Dance Studio (Closed)

JJSalsaRengue Dance Studio (Closed) Image: JJSalsaRengue Dance Studio (Closed)

Started in 2001 by two renowned Salsa dancers, June and Jackson, JJSalsaRengue is a leading Salsa dance school and studio in Singapore. It offers dance lovers a great chance to learn, practice, perform and enjoy Salsa and other dance styles.


  • JJSalsaRengue offers a great variety of Salsa classes including beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as special classes focusing on specific Salsa styles, skills and tricks.
  • Dance classes are offered at wallet-friendly prices.
  • Supportive of local and international Salsa events, JJSalsaRengue has co-organized Singapore International Salsa Festivals 6 times.

4. Two Left Feet Dance School

Two Left Feet Dance School Image: Two Left Feet Dance School

Established in 2003, Two Left Feet is soon recognized as one of the best dance schools in Singapore, specializing in teaching Salsa and Brazilian Zouk. The school is now a Salsa choice of beginner and intermediate dancers who are on the journey of exploring the attractive dance.


  • Salsa social nights on Thursdays are best time for beginner and intermediate dancers to practice dancing skills with strange partners.
  • Two Left Feet is a place to learn advanced Salsa dance including performance skills.
  • Two Left Feet dance team has performed at many Salsa festivals and won numerous awards.

5. Lumbia The Salsa Club – Xen Bar

Lumbia The Salsa Club – Xen Bar Image: Lumbia The Salsa Club

Established in 2002, Lumbia The Salsa Club, previously known as Xen Bar, is one of the most popular Salsa dance clubs in Singapore, providing Salsa classes and Salsa social dancing nightly. The dance club attracts dancing lovers in Singapore and Salsa fans from other countries as well.


  • The only place in Singapore where Salsa lovers can get Salsa music seven days a week.
  • You can learn Salsa dance from excellent instructors including Starlinn Choo Yanqing, one of the top Salsa dancers and instructors in the world.
  • A favourite haunt for many great Salsa dancers to enjoy great time together

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