Public bus: Convenient option to get around in Singapore

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Singapore public bus service has a vast and efficient network, covering almost every place in Singapore. The city’s over 300 bus services serve up to three million rides each day smoothly.

Buses are a highly recommended transport means for first-time visitors as you can take in the sights of many city’s corners while the buses are whizzing along the streets. Take a seat by the window and enjoy the journey.

The bus fares are charged based on the distance traveled, so remember to tap your card on the card reader twice – one when you just get in and one when you are about to get off.

BUS FARES: Range from SGD 0.79 ($0.58) to SGD 2.07 (1.51) via EZ-Link card; SGD 1.40 ($1.02) to SGD 2.50 ($1.82) by cash

SERVICE HOURS 05:10 – 12:45 daily

SERVICE SCHEDULE: Every 5 to 20 minutes

NOTE: There are Nite buses, active from 23:30 to 02:00 on Friday and Saturday nights, to take you from major nightspots to residential houses.

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