Buying Guide 2024: 5 Best Dishwashers To Buy in Singapore

Best Dishwashers To Buy in Singapore
Best Dishwashers To Buy in Singapore

If you have a busy lifestyle, a dishwasher can help you save precious time that you can spend with your friends and family. Whether you live alone or you have numerous household members, a dishwasher can make your life easier.

Some models are so advanced that they are not only efficient and quick, but you can also wash fragile glass or porcelain. Check out this buying guide to discover the five best dishwashers to buy in Singapore [2024 review]!

How to Choose the Best Dishwashers in Singapore

Dishwashing is a tedious, time-consuming chore that takes most of our time, especially if we cook at home. Depending on your needs, you may consider different models. These have characteristics that make them more or less useful to your needs. If you are unsure what dishwasher may suit you, check out the next sections. 

1.   Capacity

One of the main features you need to consider is capacity. If you live alone or with your partner, a space-saving 18-inch dishwasher could be enough for your needs without impacting your budget. This size is also ideal for smaller kitchens and it comes with enough space for a small family.

If you have many household members, it’s recommended to look for a larger model, such as a 24-inch dishwasher. These could help you clean easily after each meal, but they might be bulkier and more expensive than a compact one.

2.   Type of Dishwasher

Although they are relatively similar regarding the price, there are three types of dishwashers: standalone, fixed, and portable. These are created to suit different spaces. For instance, the standalone dishwasher may take more space in your kitchen, but they come with a larger capacity. There are also fixed ones or portable ones, the latter model being ideal if you have a small kitchen or you have a small family.

3.   Noise level

If you have small children or you live in a shared property, the noise level might be something you’d like to consider. Most dishwashers tend to become quite noisy, reaching up to 80 dB. A high-end, quiet model should produce around 40-50 dB. There’s also a price trade-off regarding this feature as quieter models cost more than noisier ones.

4.   Speed

A highly versatile dishwasher comes with several speed levels. So, if you throw regular parties, invite your friends and family for dinner, or you have variable dishwashing needs, you should look for a dishwasher with at least three-speed levels. This way, you can use it only for you and your family, and it will also prove extremely helpful when you have guests.

1. EuropAce Portable Dishwasher

EuropAce Portable Dishwasher Image: Lazada
  • Best for
    Portability & no installation required
  • Brand
  • Model
    EDW 3050U
  • Price
    S$429 - S$699
  • Shop now

The EuropAce EDW 3050U is a portable, countertop, life-saving dishwasher. Firstly, you do not need to modify your plumbing, install, or do any pipework to use it, which is extremely useful if you want a hassle-free model. It is also highly recommended for space-conscious individuals since you can store it away when not in use.

The compact, portable dishwasher is not only convenient but also saves water and comes with an excellent cleaning and drying performance. You have up to four washing settings, and it holds a maximum of 18 pieces of tableware at the same time. Whether you want to wash chopsticks or 8-inch plates, EuropAce can easily handle all of your needs.

Unlike traditional models that reach only 60C, EuropAce heats the water to 70C. This means that it does not only clean your tableware but also sterilizes it, eliminating all pathogens. This hygienic process is enhanced by its 360-degree washing system that cleans all the dishes thoroughly.


  • Saves up to 8 times the amount of water used when handwashing
  • Sterilization and 360-degree cleaning system
  • Portable and lightweight countertop design
  • No modifications/installation required
  • Functions for eliminating humidity, mold, and odor
  • Easy to clean thanks to the detachable design


  • Best for
    Quiet performance
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
    S$1,749 - S$2,899
  • Shop now

If the noise level concerns you, the LG smart dishwasher is suitable for your family’s needs. The noise level is only 44 dB, making it one of the quietest models on the market. It also boasts numerous advanced technologies, including WiFi, compatibility with Google Assistant or Alexa, and you can even enjoy real-time updates on your phone, along with self-diagnosis.

The smart LG Quad Wash uses high-pressure washing techniques, along with TrueSteam technology that reduces water spots left on your glassware. At the same time, it comes with 14 settings and has a flexible load thanks to the smart third rack that enhances space. This model also comes with anti-bacterial technology, so you do not need to worry about bacteria growth. 

With this high-end model, you can enjoy peace of mind and extra time with your loved ones. Moreover, it is incredibly versatile, so you can choose any option that suits your lifestyle and availability. For instance, some of the main options include eco-friendly, refreshing, delicate, intensive, and even a delayed start.


  • Quiet performance of only 44 dB
  • TrueSteam technology to avoid water spots
  • Extremely versatile and flexible
  • Self-cleaning prevents bacteria growth
  • Real-time updates on your phone via WiFi
  • Numerous washing modes

3. Bosch SMS63L02EA Dishwasher

Bosch SMS63L02EA Dishwasher Image: Mega Discount Store
  • Best for
    Busy lifestyle
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
    S$949 - S$1,399
  • Shop now

If you do not have much time available for your house chores, Bosch SMS63L02EA will make your life easier and more comfortable. It comes with a VarioSpeed setting that washes your dishes twice as fast as regular modes, with the same performance and results. It’s one of the best options if you are always in a hurry!

This model comes with a HygienePlus mode that heats the water to a higher temperature. In other words, you and your family will have cleaner and more hygienic tableware. The high temperature does not only kill bacteria but also cleans more efficiently.

If you are worried about your energy bill, Bosch SMS63L02EA may be precisely what you need. The dishwasher boasts ActiveWater technology, meaning that it uses less water and less energy, so you keep your costs down. With so many functions, it’s not surprising that this model is one of the best dishwashers to buy in Singapore.


  • HygienePlus mode kills bacteria and ensures thorough cleaning
  • VarioSpeed provides the same cleaning and drying results in half the time
  • Benefits from AquaStop, which means 100% protection against water damage for the entire life of the dishwasher
  • Glass protection mode to protect fragile items

4. Toshiba Mini 5L Portable Dishwasher

Toshiba Mini 5L Portable Dishwasher Image: Lazada
  • Best for
    Multifunctional and compact
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
    S$395 - S$649
  • Shop now

Toshiba DWS-22ASG(K) is a mini dishwasher with plenty of functionality. It is more compact than a regular appliance, so it is ideal for space-conscious individuals. Despite its minimalist size, it can handle up to 7 place settings at the same time!

On top of this, the Toshiba mini is exceptionally versatile. Apart from dishes, you can also use it to wash your fruits and vegetables! The appliance can finish the cleaning tasks in less than half an hour, which certainly makes it one of the best dishwashers in Singapore.

At the same time, it does not require any installation, so you can use it right away without worrying about any modifications. However, it may not be as quiet as other models, but this may not be a deterrent since each cleaning cycle is finished within 30 minutes.


  • Extremely compact and ready to use with no installation
  • An elegant design ideal for modern kitchen
  • Sterilizes dishes using 70C hot water
  • Fruit and vegetable washing system
  • Finishes the washing cycle in less than 30 minutes

5. Electrolux 55cm Compact Dishwasher

Electrolux 55cm Compact Dishwasher Image: LionCityCo
  • Best for
    Families with children
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
    S$695 - S$759
  • Shop now

There are many dangers when we decide to buy a dishwasher, especially if we have small, curious little ones in our household. If you are concerned about your kids’ safety, Electrolux compact dishwasher is suitable for your family. The child lock mode ensures that your child is safe at all times.

In addition to this, the Electrolux dishwasher has an auto-off function that helps you save energy. It also has numerous washing programs that ensure flexibility, despite its small size. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for small homes.

The compact standalone dishwasher boasts up to five temperature levels to ensure thorough dishwashing. It is also thermo-efficient, so it does not waste any energy. So, whether you want a quick wash, a comprehensive performance, or you are concerned with water waste, Electrolux covers all your needs.


  • Compact and ideal for small homes
  • Child lock mode to keep your little ones safe
  • Thermo-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Auto-off function to prevent energy waste
  • Five temperature levels and up to six modes

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