+39 Gelato Bar (Closed)

+39 Gelato Bar (Closed)
+39 Gelato Bar (Closed)
Image: +39 Gelato Bar (Closed)
  • Address
    29 Circular Road #01-01
    049385 Singapore
  • Phone
    +65 6532 0360
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat 11:00 – 23:00
  • Italian haute-style is what you can find in this gelateria. Forget paper cups and cones, because +39 Gelato Bar offers you scoops of creamy goodness on a martini glass. The gelateria also uses IdeaTre machine by Carpigiani to provide a state-of-the-art service. Meanwhile, the ingredients are sourced directly from Italy so gelati at this bar is the closest things you can get to authentic Italian taste.


    • Finest Italian gelato indulgence in Singapore: +39 Gelato Bar is essentially on a crusade for introducing the best gelato flavours to the Far East. And it is done in haute style no less. The gelati are always made on-site and come out in fresh batches of tubs with no preservatives, artificial flavourings, or food colouring added into the mix!
    • Dazzling selection of frozen cocktails: If the waffle and ice cream duo bores you, then this kind of adults-only concept might keep you interested in +39 Gelato Bar. Imagine any of these flavours – Spritz Aperol Sorbet, Lychee Sorbet Martini, Lime Sorbet Mojito, Frozen Margarita and Frozen Pina Colada – are available on the day of your visit? It is just wow. Eating Aperol sorbet is like having a glass of Aperol Spritz but in its frozen version – the Aperol is mixed with Prosecco wine and garnished with a slice of orange. Has a bitter after-taste but so does any cocktail drink!
    • A round lid to close-off the bin: This may be a minor detail but lids can actually contribute to keeping the gelato fresh and flavourful all day. It does what it does best – to seal the freshness of a gelato’s natural ingredients. For many Italians, selling gelato doesn’t need visuals because they primarily care about the gelato’s overall quality, anyway.
    • You’re free to add a topping of your choice: Whether a dose of chocolate syrup or a cocktail, you are more than welcome to spice up your gelato experience. Simply ask the chef to add some toppings to your order, or better yet, ask for an expert’s advice!

    The menu is rather small for an upmarket gelato bar, but the flavours change daily so there’s variety. The kitchen is manned by Chef Jacopo Quaglia, who is also responsible for creating the most innovative additions to the menu. Popular concoctions are pineapple lemon basil, chili chocolate, pistachio, and raspberry. A wide selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are also being offered at this gelato place. You can either go by the glass or by the bottle, if you want to turn the quiet night into a festive mood.

    Recommended Flavours
    – Pistachio
    – Lime
    – Vanilla
    – Hazelnut
    – Mango
    – Strawberry cinnamon

    The ambiance is very relaxing with each corner being well-lit and air-conditioned. There is enough seat for a small group of four persons who may wish to dine-in. Bricked walls, open kitchen bar, and organised dining areas basically make up +39 Gelato Bar’s interior, and the place doesn’t get crowded easily for it is still relatively new in the local scene.

    Price: S$7.50/scoop

    3.8 (97 Votes)

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