Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook
Baker & Cook
Image: Baker & Cook
  • Address
    77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood, S288951
  • Phone
    +65 6469 8834
  • Opening hours
    Sun to Thu: 07:00 – 20:00
    Fri & Sat: 07:00 – 22:00
  • This bakery brings Singaporeans to a whole new epicurean journey through European breakfast and pastries. There’s also an extensive variety of artisanal jams, cakes, granola bars, and cookies that any person with a sweet tooth will fall for. Surprisingly though, this French-dominated bakery is popular for having the best bagel in Singapore. Other things to keep in mind before going to Baker & Cook? Look them up below.


    • Bagels – Simply the best in its league. The bagels here are quite softer than usual so it won’t give anyone a hard time chewing it into pieces just like how bakers do it in New York. Like the classic pretzels, the dough has some saltiness to it contrasting the sweet additions that may come with it. The bagels come in different flavours depending on the chef’s menu special.
    • Salmon Quiche for the meat lovers: Brunch can’t just pass by without meat whether it’s red or lean. Baker & Cook’s has got one of the best salmon quiches in the country that it gives bagels and croissants a tough competition. Served with tomato salad and feta, the salmon quiche has a flaky crush that held the egg filling, salmon, and spices well.
    • Lots of colourful desserts, with lemon tart as a special mention: Eat light so you can still have some space for this tangy and sour dessert. The bakery’s lemon tart is a crowd favourite for its flaky crust, buttery taste, and balanced tanginess. The curd itself is smooth, thick, and fluid, showing how well-baked it is and perfectly done.

    MENU: Baker & Cook menu is complete from breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering an all-day dining experience. Either go on a full-blown French or English breakfast, the serving is generous and presentable enough to whet your appetite. The bakery can also serve as a perfect destination for dessert with its smoothies, teas, cakes, sweet buns, and tarts. Go by the glass or whole bottle of wine, whenever you’re in the mood.


    • Carrot cake
    • Egg mayo tartine
    • Chocolate almond croissant
    • Lamingtons
    • Sweet scone
    • Pain au chocolat
    • Olive bread


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