Byblos Grill

Byblos Grill
Byblos Grill
Image: Byblos Grill
  • Loved for
    Authentic Lebanese and Turkish fare
  • Prices
    S$65++ per pax
  • Address
    14 Bussorah Street
    Singapore 199435
  • Phone
    +65 6296 8577
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 - 01:00
  • Website
  • Byblos Grill pays homage to the captivating coastal city of Lebanon, serving as one of Singapore's renowned establishments for delectable Middle Eastern cuisine.

    Founded by Chef Mohamad Slim, this eatery expertly revives cherished traditional dishes, such as succulent kebabs, drawing from his vast culinary expertise.

    If you're in search of flavorsome and satisfying Lebanese and Turkish fare in Singapore, look no further than Byblos Grill, conveniently located on Bussorah Street.


    • A true taste of Turkish and Middle Eastern culinary traditions: With the Chef hailing from Turkey, the authentic flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine are expertly brought to life. Utilizing the same spices and ingredients, dishes like Moussaka and Tawook Sote transport you to a Turkish home, providing a dining experience that truly embodies the essence of the Middle East
    • Fresh ingredients imported directly from the Mediterranean: The restaurant ensures the authenticity of flavors by strictly adhering to original recipes and sourcing ingredients from the region. Many of their ingredients are imported from Turkey and other countries along the Mediterranean coast. With each bite, you can be confident that you are savoring food that truly captures the essence of the region.
    • Great value for money with generous servings: Whether you opt for the Mezze or Kebab platter to share, you can expect generous portions. This reflects the Middle Eastern and Turkish cultures, where ensuring the satisfaction of guests with ample food is highly valued.

    MENU & PRICES: Byblos Grill presents a menu that encompasses various categories of delectable dishes, with some specifically designed for sharing among diners.

    Here’s the breakdown of its menu and prices:

    • Mezze/Starters: S$14.90 to S$36.90
    • Salads: S$14.90 to S$16.90
    • Flat Bread/Pide: S$25.90 to S$27.90
    • Sharing Mains: S$56.90 to S$58.90
    • Kebabs: S$26.90 to S$38.90
    • Traditional Dishes: S$28.50 to S$32.90
    • Seafood: S$21.90 to S$58.90
    • Pasta and Pizza: S$23.90 to S$24.90
    • Shawarma (Wraps): S$18.90 to S$24.90
    • Bread: S$5.90 to S$8.50
    • Desserts: S$10.90 to S$14.90
    • Drinks: S$6.50 to S$16.90


    • Byblos Mixed Grill
    • Lamb Kofta
    • Byblos Beef Steak
    • Meze Platter
    • Tabbouleh
    • Chicken Liver
    • Sujuk Pide
    • Mix Byblos Kebab
    • Lamb Mandi
    • Faisal Fukhora
    • Mousakka
    • Baklava

    LOOK & FEEL: Byblos Grill offers both outdoor and indoor seating areas, tastefully decorated to evoke the Middle Eastern theme of the restaurant. The atmosphere is laidback and family-friendly, complemented by soothing blue accents that contribute to a serene dining experience.

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