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Colin Tham Plastic Surgery

  • Colin Tham Plastic Surgery Image: Colin Tham Plastic Surgery
  • Location
    Orchard Road
  • Surgeon
    Dr Colin Tham
  • Experience
    >20 years
  • Duration
    90 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
    General anaesthesia
    Local with light sedation
  • Hospitalization
    Day surgery
    or 1 night in the hospital
  • Address
    304 Orchard Road
    Lucky Plaza #05-06
    Singapore 238863
  • Phone
    +65 6235 8411
  • Opening hours
    Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30
    Sat- 08:30-12:30
  • Website

The Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Colin Tham ventured into the field of aesthetic medicine early in his career.

After obtaining his qualification, he started out in the public health sector and worked for KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Thereafter, he joined Asia HealthPartners and opened his own clinic.

He is dedicated to keeping abreast with developments in the science of cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures.


  • Tailor-made solutions to fit different patient needs.
  • Procedures are carried out in-house.
  • Experienced team with the clinic’s own caring nurses and an anaesthetist to support the plastic surgeon.
  • The patient’s safety is to be ensured.
  • Privacy is guaranteed.
  • Easily accessible via its location on Orchard Road


Colin Tham Plastic surgery performs Otoplasty to correct ear abnormalities. These include:

  • Bat ears: A condition where the ears stick out prominently
  • Ears that are abnormal as a result of trauma or disease.

Children who are born with bat ears can have them corrected through a surgical procedure. It is recommended that this is performed before they attain school age. The advantages of Otoplasty is that:

  • There are no visible scars
  • Recovery takes about 2 weeks
  • The procedure does not affect the hearing.


  • FAMS
  • SAPS
  • SMA
  • ABSI

COST: Starts from $4,990

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