Djanoer Koening Indonesian Restaurant

Djanoer Koening Indonesian Restaurant
Djanoer Koening Indonesian Restaurant
Image: Eliza Adam
  • Address
    191 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427462
  • Phone
    +65 6440 0774
  • Highlights:

    • Translated as “yellow coconut leaf”, Djanoer Koening is a family-business Indonesian restaurant led by Javanese chef Ms. Suharmi Wiryatmoko (affectionately known as Ibu) – the wife of a former chef at Hilton Singapore and her son Mr. Dimas Samuel.
    • Djanoer Koening has been invited to do the catering at a presidential event at the embassy by the Indonesian Embassy and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been attracted by the food when he sampled their cooking.
    • Djanoer Koening offers more than just mellow Padang curries, tauhu telor and the occasional ayam penyet. There are 23 items across the board, excluding specials on the menu, dining at Djanoer Koening is a bit of an eye and palate opener.
    • Catering service is available.

    –    Authentic Javanese dining ambience as an Indonesia’s rumah makans (“eating houses”)with kitschy and authentic décor from the batik on the wooden tables to the dish shots slapped in the glass facade and the mismatched shades of wood
    –    On the purple walls, there are some special printed banners reminding the culture of Jogjakarta, the city from which most of Djanoer Koening’s food originates. One each batik cloth-covered table, there are some little baskets of Indonesian snacks (at Singapore prices) and a colorful display by canned drinks in a see-through chiller

    Quality of the food
    –    Their policy is healthy and no-MSG
    –    Djanoer Koening serves quality and authenticity home-style Indonesian cuisine, specialize in food from East and Central Java with original recipes by Chef Suharmi so their fried chicken is from Kalasan, and the soup recipe comes from Betawi
    –    Only the finest ingredients, herbs & spices are used to create the perfect blend for the greatest Javanese cuisine

    Must try
    –    Bakso urat – beef ball soup in a fragrant bone-boiled broth
    –    Oseng-oseng mercon – spicy stir-fried beef with a sharp bite coming from petai (stinky beans)
    –    Perkedel kentang  – potato and chicken cutlet dipped in egg and then shallow-fried
    –    Nasi Gudeg Jogj – a Jogjakarta special of rice with stir-fried jackfruit, chicken cooked in coconut milk, egg soaked in jackfruit juice and other unusual dishes (Available Friday-Sunday only)
    –    Ayam Bakar Kalasan – Kalasan fried chicken
    –    Soto Ayam Magetan – Magetan chicken soto soup
    –    Mie Ayam Pangsit – Chicken noodle with wanton
    –    Sate Ayam Madura – Madura chicken satay

    –    Bakso urat soup
    –    Soto Ayam Magetan – chicken soup with rice
    –    Stone-cooked quarter of grilled duck accompanying thin sweet sauce, enhanced with kaffir lime leaves and chili

    Fresh desserts

    –    Es teler – coconut milk-based and filled with coconut strips, medium-ripened avocado chunks, the jelly-like nata de coco and jackfruit (when available)
    –    Es doger – coconut milk-based and filled with palm seeds, rose syrup and fermented tapioca
    –    Milky avocado juice

    –    Javanese food is sweeter than Indonesian food, they use quite a lot of kecap manis in the food
    –    The curry is not served at Djanoer Koening
    –    They also offer the party-sized cone-shaped Nasi kuning (S$250-$425 for 20-50 people) – cone shaped yellow rice surrounded by different dishes like fried chicken and rendang, but it is only available for catering orders of at least 20 people and you have to order in advance

    Prices of main dishes: S$6 – $9.50

    How to get there
    Bus lines: 33 (Walking 2 mins from bus stop B82151)
    Nearest MRT station: Eunos MRT (EW7) (Walking 13 mins from Exit A to here)

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