Domino’s Pizza

  • Domino’s Pizza Image: Domino’s Pizza
  • Delivery hotline
    (65) 6222 6333
  • Delivery charges
    Free delivery
    No minimum order required
  • Delivery hours
    Daily 10:30 - 23:00
  • Website

If there is an urgent need for having hot pizzas on your table in short time, you can rely on the service of Domino’s Pizza. This world-famous food delivery service is confident that the staff is able to hand the delicious pizzas to you within 30 minutes (including the time for baking and delivering) after your orders placed; otherwise, Domino’s will give you a free pizza voucher for subsequent use.

And the better thing is that there is no delivery charge and GST, all the prices published on their website are Nett prices.

NOTE: You can use their useful online GPS Tracker (Great Pizza Service Tracker) to track your order from the moment your order is placed to the time your pizzas leave the store.

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