Fratini La Trattoria

  • Fratini La Trattoria Image: Fratini La Trattoria
  • Address
    10 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289201
  • Phone
    +65 6468 2868
  • Opening hours
    Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00 - 14:30, 18:00 - 23:00
    Monday: Closed
  • Website

Nestled in Greenwood Avenue is this cozy Italian haven. Fratini La Trattoria is one of the first Italian restaurants in Singapore to go full Omakase style. Take a seat in this quaint restaurant, kick back with your favorite glass of wine, and let the experienced chefs take care of your dining experience.


  • Fresh and seasonal Italian dishes served by Omakase-style: Fratini La Trattoria offers dishes according to ingredient freshness and availability. This means you are always served a dish that is in-season, garden-fresh, and bursting with Italian flavors. With top Italian chefs and only the finest authentic recipes, you are always well taken care of at Fratini La Trattoria.
  • Great value set lunch menus: At $45++ on weekdays, and $50++ on weekends, the lunch menu here is a show-stopper. Your tummy will be well satisfied after the elaborate 7-10 courses. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a never-ending line-up of Italian delights – a true foodie’s paradise.
  • Free-valet parking: Nothing is more irritating than searching for a parking space near your going-out spot for hours. This is why Fratini La Trattoria offers complementary valet parking, so you don’t waste valuable time looking for a spot! Instead, roll up to the restaurant, leave your car in good hands and savor the unique Italian dining experience.

Fratini La Trattoria  doesn’t have menu! As we mentioned, the restaurant offers dishes according to ingredient freshness and availability. Their commonly served dishes are Rome-Style Grilled Scallops with Carbonara Crust, and Beef Roulade and Truffled Pappardelle Creamy Pasta. And to put the cherry on-top of a splendid Italian meal, they offer delicious classic Tiramisu cakes.

Fratini La Trattoria is a classic Italian restaurant, with wooden panel floors, simple colors and sleek yet comfortable seating areas. There is minimal decoration, so you’re not distracted from the main event – the food! Fratini La Trattoria is ideal for a wine-and-dine style dinner, or a celebratory lunch for that special occasion.

$45-$50++ for lunch
$90$++ for dinner

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