Iyac Aesthetic Clinic

Iyac Aesthetic Clinic
Iyac Aesthetic Clinic
Image: Iyac Aesthetic Clinic
  • Location
    Camden Medical Centre
  • Doctor
    Dr Isabelle Yeoh
    Dr Chung Wan Ling
  • Experience
    >19 years
  • Duration
    10-30 minutes
  • Cost
    From $300
  • Address
    One Orchard Boulevard
    Camden Medical Centre #06-03/04
    Singapore 248649
  • Phone
    +65 6738 9989
  • Opening hours
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 08:30-18:00
    Thu: 08:30-19:00
    Sat: 08:30-15:00
  • The medical director at IYAC Aesthetic Clinic is Dr Isabelle Yeoh, a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin. Dr Yeoh has extensive experience in skin laser treatment, and age management medicine.

    She’s supported by Dr Chung Wan Ling a GP Aesthetic Doctor, who graduated from the National University of Singapore. Besides Botox treatment, Dr Chung advocates good nutrition, sleep, and exercise as a means to attain and maintain fair skin.


    • The clinic offers a full range of aesthetic treatments, including Botox injection as a signature.
    • A range of medical-grade skincare products is available at the clinic.
    • Non-invasive and safe skincare solutions are on offer
    • The consultation takes place in a friendly, discreet, and relaxed environment.
    • Only tried and tested aesthetic technology is used.


    IYAC Aesthetics offers the following Botox treatments:

    • Wrinkles and lines Botox
    • Jaw sagging Botox
    • Excessive sweating control Botox
    • Jaw streamlining Botox

    Mentioned below are the most requested Botox treatments at IYAC Aesthetics.

    1. Wrinkles and lines Botox

    When injected, the targeted muscle ceases to contract. The skin on top of it relaxes and softens, preventing the formation of new lines. The targeted areas include:

    • The forehead and eye areas
    • The lower face
    • The neck

    2. Botox Facelift

    This is a procedure that involves the injecting of Botox into the skin as opposed to the muscle. The treatment stimulates collagen, firms up the face, and minimizes the pores.


    1. Dr Isabelle Yeoh
    • International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
    • Singapore Medical Association
    • World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery MB BCh BAO (Dublin)
    • Diploma FP Dermatology (Singapore)
    1. Dr Chung Wan Ling
    • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS Singapore)
    • Diploma Dermatology (London)


    • Botox Facelift: From $800
    • Botox to address excessive sweating: From $800
    • Wrinkles and lines Botox: From $300
    • Jaw slimming Botox: From $800
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