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KUISINE Catering (Closed)

  • KUISINE Catering (Closed) Image: KUISINE Catering (Closed)
  • Address
    15 Jalan Tepong, #06-17 Jurong Food Hub
    Singapore 619336
  • Phone
    +65 6265 2256
  • Email
  • Halal-certified

Looking for good foods for either corporate function or private event but rather mind the budget? If so, look no further than KUISINE Catering. This more-than-20-year-experience caterer always impresses budget conscious hosts with their smooth services.


  • Value for money menus: KUISINE Catering is a good buffet catering service to check out if budget is your concern. This caterer offers a decent selection of good foods at reasonable prices. And there is no GST charge for any orders made with them.
  • Pleasant customer service: Many choose to go with KUISINE Catering to have a smooth experience from the beginning to the end.  KUISINE’s staff is helpful and patient with any requirements. Everything will be done nicely and on time for you to enjoy your event like a guest.

– Foods are good enough to make your guest satisfied
– Dishes are delivered to your home hot, so no need to heat it before serving.
– Food portions are decent.

KUISINE Catering’s menus are divided into 4 sub-menus called: buffet menu, tea reception menu, mini buffet menu and bento menu.

Buffet menu: KUISINE Catering’s buffet menu is all about Asian dishes, refined to suit Singaporean’s palates. Here are the 5 menu options offered under this category.
– Light Buffet Menu: 8 Course at $8.50 per PAX (Min 40 PAX)
– Value Buffet Menu: 9 Course at $10 per PAX (Min 40 PAX)
– Local’s Favourite Buffet Menu: 10 Course at $12 per PAX (Min 30 PAX)
– Exquisite Buffet Menu: 11 Course at $15 per PAX (Min 30 PAX)
– Chef’s Choice Buffet Mene: 12 Course at $18 per PAX (Min 30 PAX)

Tea reception menu: There are approximately 50 light treats, 9 mains and 7 types of beverages for you to choose from. Here are the options on offer.
– Tea Reception Menu A: 5 items for $4 per PAX (Min 80 PAX)
– Tea Reception Menu B: 6 items for $5 per PAX (Min 70 PAX)
– Tea Reception Menu C: 7 items for $6 per PAX (Min 60 PAX)
– Tea Reception Menu D: 8 items for $7 per PAX (Min 50 PAX)

Mini buffet menu: This menu is created to cater for small events or gatherings with 2 affordable options.
– Mini Buffet A: 8 Dishes at $12.80 per PAX (Min 20 PAX)
– Mini Buffet B: 8 Dishes at $14.80 per PAX (Min 20 PAX)

Bento menu: There are 4 bento sets, each set is offered at $10 per pax with minimun oder of 20 sets.

Favourite dishes
Recommended by those who did engage service with KUISINE Catering
– Curry chicken
– Curry mix vegetables
– Breeze sweet chicken
– Spicy garlic chicken
– Mee goreng
– Crispy cereal prawn
– Snow white fried bee hoon
– Yam paste with ginkgo nuts
– Golden silk nest with yam

– Reservations should be made at least 2 working days in advance.
– Transportation fee will be waived for big orders.

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