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Mr. Berlin (Closed)

  • Mr. Berlin (Closed) Image: Mr. Berlin (Closed)
  • Address
    1 Shenton Way #01-09
    Singapore 068803
  • Phone
    +65 9384 8728
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 11:00 – 20:00

Craving for tangy, sweet and spicy Currywurst and don’t know where to go? Mr. Berlin has brought this delicious German street food to the shores of Singapore. It is probably one of the best German restaurants in town if you are looking to explore this authentic German street food with all its trimmings. A perfect after-work place to chill out with cold German beer and juicy, hearty sausages.


  • The best Currywurst in Singapore: Visit Mr. Berlin for high quality currywurst – sliced pork or chicken sausages smothered in home-made curry ketchup and dusted with spicy curry powder (with three spice levels). Grab a side of either classic “red and white” fries or a bread roll and wash it down with a German Weihenstephan beer.
  • A variety of different sausages and other dishes: If you don’t fancy spicy currywurst, there are other German delights like a no-frill bratwurst and hot dogs. Try the zestful Curry Fries “Special” – topped with curry-ketchup, mayonnaise, curry powder and minced onions – and you can’t stop munching.
  • An awesome hangout spot for guys: Mr. Berlin celebrates Guy Nights on every Wednesday. The restaurant offers a free beer deal with any currywurst purchase. A great place for a guy’s night out, won’t you agree?

Mr. Berlin has a simple menu offering pork or chicken currywurst, bratwurst, hot dogs and sides of fries and rolls. The drinks menu has Weihenstephan beer; both Lager and Weissbeer besides red and white wine.

Recommended Dishes
– Currywurst
– Bratwurst
– Hot Dogs
– Cheese Sausage
– Curry Fries “Red and White”
– Curry Fries “Special”

Mr. Berlin has a very simple décor and a relaxing vibe, ideal to chill-out with friends in a no-fuss atmosphere. There is a sheltered, non AC area with a sizeable seating arrangement.

Average Price/Pax: S$15

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