Pura Brasa

Pura Brasa
Pura Brasa
Image: Pura Brasa
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    Grilled Spanish-inspired dishes
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  • Address
    5 Wallich Street
    #01-16 Guoco Tower
    Singapore 078883
  • Phone
    +65 6386 9678
  • Opening hours
    Daily 12:00 - 23:00
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  • Pura Brasa, a renowned restaurant chain from Spain, was brought to life by the professional charcoal oven brand, Josper. Its Singapore location at Guoco Tower marks the brand's first venture outside of Spain, offering an exquisite selection of tapas and grilled Spanish-inspired dishes to fans of Spanish cuisine.


    • Grilled cooking at its finest with Josper technology: Pura Brasa has a menu focused on grilled food. From the classic Spanish suckling pig to the all too ubiquitous hamburgers, many items on the menu are fired by Josper ovens, rendering great flavor and succulent texture. 
    • Some of the best Spanish Tapas in town: Pura Brasa does tapas right, offering both classic and modern choices for guests to share and enjoy with drinks. There’s a lot of grilling involved for tapas, from grilled chicken wings to asparagus.
    • Main course for sharing, including slow-cooked and grilled pork ribs: The sharing at Pura Brasa continues after tapas, as guests can also share the hearty portions of some of the mains. The sharing mains include the signature Spanish suckling pig, Wagyu Tomahawk steak, and Spanish pork ribs (slow-cooked first for 20 hours, then grilled in Josper oven).

    MENU: Pura Brasa’s menu offers several food categories, including tapas, paellas, salads, meats, hamburgers, fish, pasta, and pizza.  They also serve cocktails and Spanish beers that go well with all the grilled food.


    • Patatas “Bravas” sauce
    • Grilled Mussels
    • Charcoal Seafood Paella
    • Spanish Style Assortment Cheeses
    • Grilled Octopus Leg with Potato Truffle Purree
    • Josper Grilled Chicken
    • Spanish Suckling Pig
    • Spanish Pork Ribs


    • Tapas: S$9 to S$25
    • Salads: S$15 to S$23
    • Mains: S$25 to S$70
    • Meats: S$20 to S$50
    • Hamburgers: S$24 to S$26
    • Paellas: S$36 to S$60
    • Seafood: S$26 to S$36

    AMBIENCE: Pura Brasa is located in the vibrant and historic Tanjong Pagar. The restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor dining options, accommodating over 100 diners. With a casual and relaxed atmosphere, the decor and furnishings embrace the restaurant’s Spanish roots. You’ll find high wooden chairs, brick walls, and a bull statue at the entrance, giving you a clear idea of what to expect at this establishment.

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