Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service

Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service
Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service
Image: Ronnie Kitchen
  • Address
    8A Admiralty Street,
    #06-07 Food Xchange,
    Singapore 757437
  • Phone
    +65 6753 1003 | +65 6753 1618 | +65 6753 7001
  • Website
  • Being a reliable caterer with the Singaporean Entrepreneurs Award in 2013, Ronnie Kitchen satisfies customers with their famous and tasty dishes such as chicken curry, braised pork with bun, ginger duck, and pineapple fried rice.


    • Various food and price choices: Together with YLS Catering, Ronnie Kitchen offers customers the widest menu and price choices. You can opt for getting 7 courses at $S8.80, 8 courses at $S8.80, 10 courses at $S10.80 or 8 courses at $S13.80. It can be said that about food standard, affordability, and timing of delivery wise, Ronnie Kitchen couldn’t be more perfect.
    • Always reliable and consistent: Being able to stay consistent at all times sets Ronnie Kitchen apart from other caterers. The timing of delivery is always punctual combined with the staff’s professional service and work ethics. The foods are always at their best.

    Ronnie Kitchen offers four menu options, comprised of 11 food categories with 50 Chinese food items.

    • Menu 1: S$8.80/7 courses/min 50 per pax
    • Menu 2: S$9.80/9 courses/min 40 per pax
    • Menu 3: S$10.80/10 courses/min 30 per pax
    • Menu 4: S$13.80/8 courses/min 20 per pax

     Delivery Fee: S$40

     Payment Mode: Cash/Cheque on delivery

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