Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant

Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant
Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurant
Image: Sofra Turkish Cafe Restaurant
  • Address
    100 Beach Road
    #02-42/44 Shaw Tower
    Singapore 189702
  • Phone
    +65 6291 1433
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Thu 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 - 21:30
    Fri 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 - 22:00
    Sat 12:00 - 22:00
    Sun 12:00 - 21:30
  • Derived from the Turkish word for dining table, Sofra is all-things Turkish cuisine. This is an ideal restaurant for diners who might want to go on a gastronomic journey through Central Asia’s famous dishes. The Halal restaurant’s menu is more of Middle-eastern Turkish food than European.


    • Turkish Halal food with Middle-eastern fare: If your food preference favours red meat, spiced soups, yoghurt, dishes dressed in olive oil, skewered meats and sides, and all-things eggplants, then your palate definitely suits Sofra’s traditional Turkish dishes.
    • Wide selection of Kebab dishes: As with any middle-eastern dining experience, kebabs are a highlight of the meal. Meat lovers would love the familiar Iskender, Beyti, Doner Kebab roll, Eggplant kebab, and Adana kebab, all come in a mixture of beef, lamb, and/or chicken meats. Otherwise, you can go for the obscure ones such as Yaprak, Cup kebab, and Sultan kebab.
    • Chef plate for sharing: Turks traditionally eat at home thus the food come in either large servings or a mixture of everything. Chef plate (S$21.90) showcases Izgara Kofte, Doner Kebap, and Shish Kebap. It is ideal for 2 persons who just want to have a sampling taste of Turkish cuisine without shelling out a load of money.
    • There’s a pizza to fall for: Pide is a crowd favourite, mainly because it isn’t like your ordinary veggie-friendly pizza. Topped over the soft and crunchy pizza bread are the homemade sauce, roasted eggplant, and minced lamb and chicken. It looks like shawarma on pizza dough and it is succulent enough to satisfy your appetite.

    MENU: Guests will love Sofra’s decent size menu, particularly its kebab-loaded mains. The starters are a combination of soups and vegetable salads, among which Hummus (spiced cream mixture of chickpeas & tahini dazzled with lemon juice) is the most popular. Eggplant and mixed meat kebabs can definitely fill up your empty stomach and the desserts are delicious enough to seal your Turkish dining rendezvous.


    • Eggplant Salad
    • Sesame Bread
    • Lamb Spicy Spaghetti
    • Sofra Kebap
    • Sofra Musakka
    • Adana Kebap
    • Sofra Spaghetti Aglio
    • Stuffed Fig
    • Kenefe (Baked Kadaiff with Cheese)
    • Baklava (Fitto Pastry with Pistachios)

    AMBIENCE: Vibrant, formal and traditional. Located at the Shaw Tower, Sofra sports a contemporary façade. On the inside, it steps up the game with leather seats, wooden panels, indoor plants and vibrant lighting décor to give customers a relaxing dining environment.


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