Tekka Wet Market

Tekka Wet Market
Tekka Wet Market
  • Address
    665 Buffalo Rd, L1 Tekka Centre, Singapore 210665
  • Opening hours
    Daily 06:30 – 17:00
  • Built in 1982 and closed for a significant renovation in 2008, Tekka Wet Market was reopened in 2009. Since then it has been a clean and well-organized place, offering a refreshing environment for shopping. Its location in Little India, a vibrant and colorful area in Singapore, has made it a good advantage of Tekka Market.


    • Singapore’s most culturally rich market: Tekka Market is a place to be if you want to know more about Singaporeans and our way of living. Step into this most vibrant and colorful wet market, you will hear a hum of voices in various languages, from English to Hokkien, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. Each of the ethnic communities still maintains their unique way of life with their culinary cultures, so this market is a place to observe and learn more about life in Singapore.
    • Almost anything for your grocery needs is available here: Being the largest wet market in Singapore with 284 stalls, Tekka Market offers fresh produce and dry goods for all kinds of needs, even shark fins, which rarely found at a wet market.
    • Long operating hours: While most of Singapore’s wet markets close around noon, Tekka Market opens till late afternoon. The longer it is, the more opportunities we have to fulfill our different needs.
    • A 3-in-1 destination: Situated at Tekka Centre, home to a wet market, a food court, and a shopping area, Tekka Market is considered a one-stop destination where you can buy groceries, have good foods, and do shopping without traveling from place to place.


    • Fresh vegetables & herbs: A huge and beautiful selection of Asian vegetables and herbs is on offer, including those belonging to Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai, and other cuisine cultures.
    • Fruit: It is a tropical fruit lovers’ paradise where you can find pineapples, bananas, mangoes, jackfruits, rambutans, guavas, starfruit, longans, mangosteens, and durians.
    • Fish & seafood: Huge Sri Lanka crabs, prawns of all sizes, squid, tuna, salmon, mackerel, sea bass, and a wide variety of crustaceans
    • Meat & poultry: Mutton, lamb, goat, beef, pork, chicken, and others are on sale. Butchers at Tekka Market are meticulous, they are pleased to follow your orders like cutting the meat up into your desired sizes.
    • Spices: Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Thai spices are available.
    • Fresh flowers and pots are on offer.

    PRICES: Prices at Tekka Market are relatively competitive. Chicken, beef, and fish are offered at better prices than others.

    FOOD COURT: The big food court situated on the same level with the wet market is a good place to have breakfast, lunch or drinks when you are at Tekka Centre. As in any hawker centre in Singapore, you can find there usual Chinese, Western, Indian and Muslim food stalls. Among those, Indian food stalls are the standouts. Chicken briyani, fish biryani, tandoori chicken, roti prata and ginger hot tea are highly recommended. If you don’t know what stalls offer good foods, just choose a long queuing line to join. In Singapore, a long queue is often a sign of delicious foods.


    • Cash only
    • The freshest vegetables are often offered on Tuesday or Friday mornings.
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