The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar
The Gyu Bar
Image: The Gyu Bar
  • Loved for
    Wagyu yakiniku
  • Prices
    S$150+ per pax
  • Address
    30, #01-08 Stevens Road, Singapore 257840
  • Phone
    +65 6732 0702
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 – 22:00
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  • The Gyu Bar is set at giving Singapore a top-notch artisanal gourmet dining experience, starting from their exceptional choice of Wa-Oh beef from the Kumamoto prefecture. The silky beef has a superior balance of marbling and meatiness, a result of the cattle’s special diet of vegetables, clean air and water from Mount Aso, and being raised in a stress-free environment.

    With a seating capacity of only 35, The Gyu Bar places a premium not on customer turnover, but on customer satisfaction.


    • Top-level wagyu menus for wagyu fans: At the Gyu Bar, beef lovers can indulge in the finest wagyu dining experience. This restaurant is renowned for its premium wagyu sourced from Japan and cooked to perfection using a range of techniques including yakiniku, sukiyaki, and shabu shabu.
    • Japanese “Omotenashi” culture: Staying true to the Omotenashi spirit of hospitality, The Gyu Bar gives every guest a complimentary cup of sake with every meal. Guests are also invited to choose their own cup from the Sake Glass Wall, wonderfully adding to the restaurant’s sense of commune.
    • Chef’s Omakase (S$138): Certainly the best way to take the highest pleasure in The Gyu Bar’s offerings is by entrusting the chef to prepare a 10-course “gastronomical journey”. Just imagine what masterpieces their chef can come up with when their creativity is paired up with purely the best ingredients.


    • Yakiniku (Wagyu Beef): S$30 – S$58
    • Yakiniku (Pork, Chicken, Seafood & Vegetables): S$8 – S$32
    • The Signature Chawanmushi: S$7 – S$28
    • Wagyu Steaks: S$80 – S$138
    • Rice: S$4 – S$28
    • Soup: S$4 – S$26
    • Salads & Side Dishes: S$8 – S$26
    • Noodles: S$15 – S$28
    • Desserts: S$6 – S$10


    • Tzubozuke Karubi (S$38), 24-hour pot marinated marbled beef
    • Tokujo Karubi (S$46), Premium marbled beef
    • Yukki Uni Cone (S$38), 4 pieces of beef tartare and sea urchin on sesame cone
    • Signature Roast Beef Don (S$35), Slow roast beef, chef’s secret gravy, Onsen egg

    LOOK & FEEL: The Gyu Bar capitalizes on subdued hues complemented with tall glass windows that welcome natural light during the day while the night lights make for a romantic ambiance in the evening.

    NOTE: The Gyu Bar has limited seating capacity, so place your reservations especially if you’re celebrating an important milestone


    • Buses: 105, 132, 190, 190A, 972 (1-min walk from bus stop 40209)
    • Nearest MRT station: DT10
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