The Market Grill

The Market Grill
The Market Grill
Image: The Market Grill
  • Address
    208 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 069642
  • Phone
    +65 6221 3323
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:00
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  • Ask the hipsters where you can find the best steak in Singapore without bankrupting yourself, and expect to hear The Market Grill as they say it. With high-grade steaks, accompanied by traditional sides, this casual dining restaurant can give value for your money. But Market Grill’s steaks are not alone in attracting the hungry crowd, as the restaurant is also famous for offering lobsters and burgers, making it a favorite haunt of many locals.


    • Stay classy with the premium cuts or low profile with the high-low cuts: Premium cuts such as the US prime ribeye, Wagyu Chuck Rib, and Black Angus Prime Beef Rib cost around S$72 to S$158, all of which are served in copious amounts to serve 2 to 3 diners. Meanwhile, high-low cuts like the Beef Cheek, Wagyu Rump as well as the ever-best-selling Black Angus Beef and Bavette win the hearts of many for their reasonable price tags that range anywhere between S$39 and S$58.
    • Steaks are chargrilled to perfection: Steaks like Black Angus and Beef Bavette came from cows grain-fed for 200-400 days and have gone through dry-aging, so the meat tastes flavourful naturally. And by means of charcoal grilling, the meat’s juices and tenderness are sealed in so that all the goodness will burst in your mouth.
    • 500g Lobster-rific dishes for the lobster fans: Harvested from Maine and Boston, the lobsters at the Market Grill are served fresh, sweet, and hot, meaning you get to choose which one would you like to be cooked. If you like this idea, choose amongst the Whole Lobster (S$45), Lobster Roll (S$45), and the Teres Major & Lobster (S$125).
    • One of the best burgers in town: Big, fat and juicy. Does sound perfect for an ideal burger, right? At The Market Grill, guests may find delight in a wide selection of meaty burgers. If you like cod fish as patty on your burger, then choose CW Cod Fish (S$28), but if you’re after the salty bleu cheese topped on bacon and beef patty, then CW Bleu Cheese burger (S$25) is an unforgettable option.
    • Exotic food selection: Pig’s ear, ox’s tongue? Sounds strange but thankfully, when you have a great chef in the kitchen, there’s no point in wasting away these delectable parts.

    MENU: At The Market Grill, diners are provided with a decent size menu. You may either go on a full-blown course meal (i.e. appetizer, main course, and desserts) or just grab a heavy burger snack. For main course, besides steak, meat eaters can always get other meaty goodness such as pork chop and lamb meat.


    • US Prime Ribeye
    • Bavette
    • CW Bleu Cheese Burger
    • CW Cod Fish
    • CW Portobello Burger
    • Lobster Roll
    • Whole Lobster
    • Onion Matchsticks
    • Charcuterie Connoisseur Board
    • Cod Croquettes
    • Rum Banana Pocket

    ATMOSPHERE: The Market Grill has a chic industrial interior design so there is a kitchen bar where you can see Chef Colin West do what he does best. The place looks warm, fresh and trendy which appeals to the eyes of the hipsters.



    • Restaurant gets jam-packed during lunch breaks and weekends.
    • No reservations. First come first serve.
    4.5 (352 Votes)

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