Casket Fairprice

Casket Fairprice
Casket Fairprice
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    A comprehensive range of services with transparent pricing
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    Block 37 Sin Ming Drive, #01-571, Singapore 575711
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    +65 6455 9909
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  • Being a member of the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD), Casket Fairprice adheres to the finest professional standards and ethical codes when it comes to after-life services. The company has more than 28 years of experience and their portfolio covers an extensive range of services that you can select based on your needs.

    Casket Fairprice believes in transparent prices. This means you will have all the controls to pick and choose what exactly is needed considering your budget. Rest assured, they offer very competitive prices without compromising on the quality of their services.


    • A comprehensive range of services for multiple religions: Casket Fairprice offers various amenities that cover the funeral needs of several religions. They have a well-trained crew to ensure a dignified tribute to the departed soul while complying with all religious rituals and norms.
    • Transparent pricing: Casket Fairprice offers crystal clear pricing for all their funeral services. They have published all-inclusive rates for different funeral packages on their website. You can select any packages based on your budget and requirements without worrying about any hidden charges.
    • No overtime charges: Funerals do not go like other events where you can predict the timeline. Right? Casket Fairprice understands this very well and does not charge you a single penny for minor changes in your schedule, unlike others.
    • CareTrust Accreditation: Casket Fairprice has been recognized by The CareTrust. This is surely an extra layer of assurance that guarantees the professional and ethical standards of their services.


    • Christian funeral services
    • Buddhist funeral services
    • Roman Catholic funeral services
    • Taoist funeral services
    • Freethinker funeral services
    • Soka funeral services
    • Direct funeral straight case services
    • International repatriation services


    • Christian funeral service package: Starting from S$4,588 Nett
    • Buddhist funeral service package: Starting from S$5,588 Nett
    • Roman Catholic funeral service package: Starting from S$4,588 Nett
    • Taoist funeral service package: Starting from S$8,288 Nett
    • Freethinker funeral service package: Starting from $4,588 Nett
    • Soka funeral service package: Starting from S$4,588 Nett
    • Direct funeral straight case service package: $1,300 Nett, inclusive of all necessary services
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