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PS Plumber Singapore
PS Plumber Singapore
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  • PS Plumber Singapore is among the well-established plumbing service companies in Singapore that provide solutions for all your plumbing needs. Their team of licensed plumbers work fast and efficiently and are willing to serve you anytime and anywhere, be it day or night and at central locations or peripheral areas.

    What people like

    • 24-hour emergency plumbing service: PS Plumber Singapore is available for plumbing work 24/7. No matter when a plumbing issue occurs, their team still can respond quickly to assist you with your needs.
    • Short response time: It can be as fast as 30 minutes when there is an emergency.
    • 30-day labor warranty: This plumber offers a 30-day warranty on all repair and installing work they perform. If anything fails or the issue persists, they will return to make it right with no additional charge.

    JOB SCOPE: PS Plumber Singapore provides customers with a wide range of plumbing services, including:

    • Installation of pipes for sinks, showers, washing machines, fridges
    • Installation or replacement of sinks, taps, bidet, toilet bowls, and pipes
    • Repairing of leaking taps, toilet bowls, flush tanks, pipes
    • Repairing the burst pipes
    • Draining chokes and clearing floor trap


    • Clear floor trap choke: From $50
    • Clean toilet bowl choke: From $70
    • Repair leak copper pipe: From $80
    • Replace WC flush cistern: From $80
    • Replace water tap: From $60
    • Replace bottle trap for sink: From $50
    • Supply and install basin: From $150
    • Supply and install WC: From $250
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