• WhyQ
  • Delivery Charge
    $1.50 per dish
  • Minimum Order
    Not required
  • Delivery Hour
    Lunch & Dinner time
  • Delivery Time
    15 – 30 mins
  • Halal Food
  • Vegetarian Food

A newcomer in food delivery field of Singapore. WhyQ has appeared and shined with a new concept that we all love. Let’s see how different they are.


  • Hawker food delivered to the doorstep: While the pioneers focus on delivering food from restaurants, WhyQ finds its own way through bringing hawker dishes to people. Now we can just stay in the office or at home and enjoy our favourites from various food courts around.

  • Low delivery fee: With WhyQ, delivery fee is calculated per meal, not per trip, which is $1.50 each. This is so good for when you just order food for one or two persons.

  • Food from different stalls of a food court can be included in an order: It is possible if you want to do it this way: Order dumpling from Jia Ji Shi Dumplings, then jump to Ming Fa Fishball to add the fishball noodles to cart, and visit Dessert Station to get a bo bo cha cha before checking out.

FOCUS RESTAURANTS: Food stalls from food courts around Singapore

TIPS: Use DBS Payment methods (DBS/POSB Card & DBS PayLah!) to enjoy 10% off on your order (Discount is capped at S$3).

WEBSITE: https://www.whyq.sg

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