Buying Guide 2024: 5 Best Bed Frames To Buy in Singapore

Best Bed Frames To Buy in Singapore
Best Bed Frames To Buy in Singapore
Image: Ikea

A bed frame is arguably the most crucial furniture in your bedroom. Its function as a place to sleep is crucial but also determines the bedroom’s aesthetic. So it bears repeating that you must do your homework before buying one. We have made the task easier for you with the 5 best bed frames in Singapore [2024]

While you will find many varieties in bed frames, the important thing is to determine what you need and want. That will narrow your choices and help you get the perfect product. 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss what you must consider when buying a bed frame. 


The first thing to decide is the size of the bed, which will mainly depend on the available space and/or the number of people who will use it. 

In Singapore, you typically get single, queen, and king sizes. Some beds may also be available in even larger sizes. 

While the exact dimensions vary slightly, queen and king-size beds are generally suitable for two people. If you’re tight on space, go with a queen. 

A single bed can be an appropriate size for a single adult or a kid. 


You must pay attention to the materials used in crafting the bed frame. Some bed frames may use different materials for different parts. 

Essentially, you want the material to be sturdy and of high quality. Bed frames are generally wood or metal, but the former is more popular. 

Even with wood, there are many varieties. Solid wood is super sturdy and looks beautiful. However, it’s also pricey. So, if you want something budget-friendly, you may want to buy something made of particleboard or MDF

Metal bed frames are lightweight and easy to assemble and move. However, they often make sounds, especially when poorly constructed. 


Your bed frame style is a personal preference per your decor theme. 

Solid wood or particleboard bed frames tend to be more straightforward in design. And they are timeless, so they can be used for a long time. 

Bed frames that are painted can be used to match or complement the colours of the bedroom. For the kid’s rooms, in particular, a coloured bed frame can be a fun addition. 

Upholstered beds have been the rage for the last few years with simple and grand designs. These bed frames are covered with fabrics like velvet with fillings inside. Of course, these beds are comfy but also look luxurious. 


Today’s bed frames are much more than bases for mattresses and a headboard. You can find all kinds of extra features on them. 

Built-in storage in bed frames allows the bed space to be dual-purpose. You can sleep on it and store stuff, saving space in your wardrobes and attics. 

Some bed frames feature drawers underneath the base, while others simply lift up the base to reveal a storage area. 

Other extra features include nightlights or USB charging ports. Remember that the more features there are, the higher the price tag. 


You can find bed frames in stores and online. Both options have their pros and cons.

Buying in-store allows you to see and touch the bed frame. You can ask the sales staff any questions you may have. The downside is that shopping in-store requires time and travel. 

If you choose to buy online, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to visit different stores in different locations. When buying online, checking the return policy and warranty is recommended. 

For your convenience, the selected bed frames are available in-store and online. 

With this buyer’s guide out of the way, here are our top recommendations for bed frames in Singapore.

1. Mauve Kylan Upholstered King Bed – fortytwo

Mauve Kylan Upholstered King Bed – fortytwo Image: fortytwo
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The Mauve Kylan Upholstered King Bed at fortytwo, one of Singapore’s leading home and living retailers, is a beautiful bed frame in dark green. The retailer is best known for its affordable yet stylish furniture, and this bed is a prime example of that. Available in king size, this upholstered bed features a tufted headboard and a wooden frame covered with matching fabric on all sides. The fabric is soft-to-touch yet durable enough to last long.  

Its base is covered with wooden fishbone slats, which provide a solid foundation for the mattress when combined with centre support beams. The base features gold-plated metal legs that add a touch of luxury. 

Upholstered bed frames are contemporary and fit remarkably well into different decor styles. You can create a luxurious vibe in the bedroom or keep things simple with minimalist wooden nightstands and dressers. 


  • King size 
  • Velvet fabric
  • Wooden frame
  • 6-inch leg height
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Made in China
  • Free assembly

2. Malm Bed Frame – Ikea

Malm Bed Frame – Ikea Image: Ikea
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Consider the Malm Bed Frame by Ikea if you want a simple Nordic-style bed frame. With a plain headboard, base, and footboard, this bed frame is made of wood veneer. It comes with a slatted bed base that provides ample support for the mattress. However, you can choose another more expensive base, too. 

Three finish options are white stained oak veneer, white, and black-brown. The best thing about this bed is that the space under it is easily accessible, so it can be used for storage boxes. Also, cleaning the space underneath becomes easy. The bed sides are adjustable to accommodate different widths of mattresses. 

You can choose between two size options: 150 x 200 cm (Queen) or 180 x 200 cm (King). The sturdy mid beam (Skorva) is included in the packaging, which helps reinforce support for the mattress. 


  • Two size options
  • Three colour options
  • Wood veneer construction 
  • High headboard
  • Easy assembly with all hardware and instructions provided
  • Sturdy mid beam
  • 17-layer of glued slats 
  • Storage-friendly

3. Reno Storage Bed Frame in Upholstery – Harvey Norman

Reno Storage Bed Frame in Upholstery – Harvey Norman Image: Harvey Norman
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    Underbed Storage
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    Harvey Norman
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The Reno Storage Bed Frame in Upholstery at Harvey Norman is an excellent choice for a bed with built-in storage. Bed frames that double as storage can help you save so much space in your closets, just like this one.

This bed frame is covered with upholstery, with lots of colour options. From the ubiquitous carbon grey to vibrant Shiraz red, you can easily find a shade that complements the rest of the decor in your bedroom. The base of the bed lifts up with a hydraulic lift-up system, providing easy access to the inside of the frame. It can accommodate many things, like bags of clothing, luggage, boxes, and toys.

Harvey Norman is an instantly recognisable name in Singapore, as the Australia-based retailer has many locations on the island.


  • Queen size (also available in King, Super Single, and Single)
  • Sturdy woven fabric
  • 10 colour choices
  • Hydraulic storage system
  • Tufted headboard

4. Slakt Bed Frame – Ikea

Slakt Bed Frame – Ikea Image: Ikea
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    Kids room
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The Slakt Bed Frame from Ikea is a single bed frame with an under-bed and two storage drawers. It is perfect for a kid’s room, especially if you have two kids. The extra under-bed that easily tucks inside can also be helpful when a friend stays over. Underneath the under-bed are two streamlined drawers that can store clothing, books, stationary, or toys.

The headboard, footboard, and bedsides are made from particleboard, filled with recycled paper filling. The under-bed and drawers are fibreboard, with a smooth railing system to slide it out effortlessly. All parts are painted with white acrylic paint that gives it a smooth finish.

This single bed frame, which measures 90 x 200 cm, comes with a slatted bed base that’s super sturdy. It is a simple and efficient piece of furniture for kids.


  • Single size
  • Particleboard and fibreboard construction
  • Under-bed that slides out
  • Two drawers for storage
  • White paint finish

5. Havana Rattan Teak Bed – Island Living

Havana Rattan Teak Bed – Island Living Image: Island Living
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    Casual decor
  • Brand
    Island Living
  • Model
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Give your bedroom a boho feel with the Havana Rattan Teak Bed from Island Living, a store that specialises in rattan furniture. The headboard is intricately crafted with handwoven rattan, whereas the frame and legs are teak wood. It also features an additional leg in the centre for added support. 

The tropical look of the bed can create a cool, calming impact in your bedroom. Plus, it’s made from natural materials, which are sturdy and long-lasting. It is ideal for anyone looking for something extraordinary that catches the eye. 

Available in two sizes, the bed can be paired with other wood and rattan pieces from Island Living. 


  • Rattan and teak wood
  • Queen (215 x 163 cm) and King (215 x 185 cm) sizes
  • Wooden legs
  • Rustic wood finish

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