Buying Guide 2024: 5 Best Sofas To Buy In Singapore

Best Sofas To Buy In Singapore
Best Sofas To Buy In Singapore
Image: Expat Living Singapore

Whether setting up your first apartment or upgrading the existing one, one of the prime investments you have to make is; a sofa. Finding this furniture piece is not as easy as it seems. Never run into an instinctive rush when buying a sofa as it is one of life’s pleasures and the most used piece of furniture. Try to find the right mix of comfort, support, and design.

Things to consider before buying a perfect sofa in Singapore

There are several other considerations to keep in mind, like durability, style, upholstery, and shape. Our buying guide will help you to make the right sofa purchase that will last for years and provide you and your loved ones with an exceptionally comfortable experience. The following are the factors to consider before purchasing a sofa:

  1. Measure your room/space:
    What could be worse than buying a sofa that does not fit your space? So, before you decide on the style, color, or fabric, you must measure up your area. This includes the size as well as the shape of the room. For example, buying a huge sofa for a small or narrow living room would not be a good purchase as it will not leave any space for anything else! You can use measuring taps for this.
  2. Types and sizes of sofas to consider:
    After measuring the size and shape of the room, the next thing to think about is the type of sofa that will fit and suit your space.
  • Loveseat: it is of shorter length and ideal for two people. This comfortable furniture piece is often paired with a sofa and placed in an L-shaped arrangement.
  • Sectional sofa: ideal for large spaces or family rooms. You can arrange sectional sofas into several configurations. These are multi-piece sofas.
  • Small sofa: “Apartment Sofa” is another term used for a small sofa. Unlike large sofas, these small ones have less depth and length as they are designed to fit in a small space.
  • Sleeper sofa: is ideal for an overnight guest; you have to unfold it to reveal a mattress. The mattress may be air-filled or foam filled.
  • Bench seat sofa: want a cleaner look? This sofa is perfect for you. The seats of bench seat sofas are more comfortable as there is no crack between the cushions.
  1. Sofa fabrics and materials:
    The most crucial step is deciding on the fabric. There are several fabric options available. These include:
  • Performance Fabric Sofa (spills or stains easily cleaned)
  • Velvet Sofa (chic choice yet looks and feels luxurious)
  • Canvas Sofa (offers a breezy coastal vibe and durability)
  • Twill Sofa (casual, soft, and durable)
  • Leather sofa (for everyday living and gives classy vibes)
  • Linen Sofa (for elegant living rooms, cool and soft to the touch)
  • Boucle Sofa (chic, fun, casual, and easy to maintain)
  • Slipcovered sofa (easier to maintain, machine washable, and great for active household)
  • Textured Weave Sofa (soft, well-built, and beautifully tactile)
  • Chenille Sofa (silky and extremely plush)
  1. Sofa styles:
    Choosing a sofa that goes well with your overall room’s aesthetic is crucial. There are several styles to pick from, such as chesterfield, curved back sofa, armless sofa, track arm sofa, tight back sofa, pillow back sofa, low profile sofa, slope arm sofa, pillow arm sofa, roll arm sofa, etc.
  2. Sofa cushions:
    While deciding on sofa cushion fillings, always go for a mix of feather and foam. Foam sofas are uncomfortable, and down feathers can be a bit pricey, so a blend of these delivers the perfect balance between affordability and comfort. Moreover, if you want to give your living room a traditional look while maintaining the class, go for tufted sofas!
  3. Sofa arms:
    Round arms are the characteristics of traditional sofas, while you will see square arms on contemporary and modern sofas.
  4. Seat depth:
    Another thing you can not ignore is the seat depth of your sofa (everybody has their preferences). If you want more room to relax and recline, go for an extended seat depth. Moreover, you can also go for sleeper sofas (designed for hosting guests).

Taking all factors into consideration, we have picked the 5 best sofas to buy in Singapore [2024 review] to make your work easier.

1. Bradford II Leather Sofa (Metal legs)

Bradford II Leather Sofa (Metal legs) Image: Megafurniture
  • Best for
    Removable covers and a contemporary, modern style
  • Brand
  • Model
    Bradford II Leather Sofa (Metal Legs) - Black, Dark Brown
  • Price
    S$130- S$328
  • Shop now

Megafurniture helps you design your dream home with its worthwhile, practical, and exquisite furniture and home pieces. They believe in delivering high-quality, reliable, and well-designed furniture pieces to its customer. Megafurniture makes products that can fit in your desired space.

If you have a small, limited space and looking to buy a sofa under budget, then Bradford II Leather Sofa is a perfect choice. It is a durable, high-quality sofa at such an affordable price, which is rare. The PVC finish makes Bradford II Leather Sofa suitable for any modern house. It is available in 3 configurations (3, 2, and 1 seater). Although this sofa is not very high-priced, the manufacturer has used quality material which justifies the price.

Bradford II Leather Sofa comes with quality springs and cushions, a frame made from premium wood, and high-end upholstery. You can buy large sizes too, but they are more expensive. Bradford II Leather Sofa is designed for 2 to 3 persons. It has a medium firmness that provides proper back and lower body support and a plush feel.


  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for limited spaces/homes
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Dimensions:
    3 Seater: Length: 163cm, Width: 74cm
    2 Seater: Length: 112cm, Width: 74cm
    1 Seater: Length: 76cm, Width: 74cm
    Seat Height: 40cm, Height: 74cm
  • Six months warranty for a defective piece
  • Ideal for Office use
  • Medium firm

2. Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa

Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa Image: Dwell
  • Best for
    Easily cleaned cushions
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Price
  • Shop now

Zinus is well-known for its comfiest mattresses, infused with natural ingredients like charcoal, green tea, and olive oil. In addition to these high-end mattresses, Zinus delivers soft, top-class, stylish, easy-to-assemble sofas and bed frames. Let’s look into one of its best products.

One of the best things about Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa is that it fits any aesthetics and compliments every color! Although this sofa is expensive, it lasts for years because of its fine quality. So, you will be spending money on the right thing. Zinus Josh Traditional Upholstered Sofa has a strong frame wrapped in a durable woven fabric and supportive foam cushioning.

Moreover, the maximum weight capacity of this sofa is up to 227 kg (500 lbs), which is pretty incredible. Another great thing about this piece of furniture is that all parts come in a skillfully packed box, and it hardly takes 20 minutes to assemble them (you do not need a tool for that). If you have kids at your home and you worry about stains, then you will be glad to know that you can clean the cushions of this sofa with a clean, damp cloth and a detergent; that is how easy it is to clean.


  • Detachable back cushions
  • Limited warranty (1 year)
  • Strong frame wrapped in a durable woven fabric and supportive foam cushioning
  • Easily cleaned cushions

3. Javier Recliner Sofa

Javier Recliner Sofa Image: Univonna
  • Best for
    Large home spaces
  • Brand
  • Model
    Javier model
  • Price
    S$499- S$855
  • Shop now

Univonna, established in 1993, is Singapore’s one of the top furniture manufacturers. They believe in providing their customers with infinite choices and a fuss-free shopping experience. Univonna has a massive range of furniture and home products. From sofas and beds to dining sets and mattresses, you can find everything for your home on their website.

If you have a high budget and want to buy a premium, high-quality sofa, you should invest in Javier Recliner Sofa. It is expensive, but the money is justifiable because of its excellent quality and durability. If you have a big family and a great home space, Javier Recliner Sofa will be ideal for you as it can accommodate 3 to 4 people. Moreover, you will not be disappointed with the material used to manufacture Javier Recliner Sofa.

It comes with high-resiliency foam and high-quality leather. The frame of this sofa is made of solid wood. Javier Recliner Sofa is highly durable, and its durability enhances with wooden legs. Purchasing this marvelous piece of furniture will last for several years. Another highlighting feature of this product is it comes with a 5-years warranty. This extra lavish sofa will surely give you the comfort level of your life.


  • Armchair with a recliner: L80cm x D100cm x H100cm
  • 2-Seater with 2 recliners: L148cm x D100cm x H100cm
  • 3-Seater with 2 recliners: L189cm x D100cm x H100cm
  • Seat Height: 44cm, Seat Depth: 53cm, Backrest Height: 56 cm
  • Made with quality materials, PU leather
  • Solid wood frame composition
  • Wooden legs
  • Five years warranty
  • 02 Manual Recliners
  • For big home spaces
  • High-resiliency foam cushions


4. Aqua L-Shaped Sofa

Aqua L-Shaped Sofa Image: BEDANDBASICS
  • Best for
    Versatile style and quality material
  • Brand
  • Model
    L-shaped sofa
  • Price
    S$849- S$1068
  • Shop now

BEDANDBASICS brings creativity to your home furniture through its constant innovation and commitment to quality. BEDANDBASICS is Singapore’s one of the first e-retailer with an in-house warehousing system.

The versatile Aqua L-shaped Japanese Corner Sofa comes with two detachable ottomans. So, it gives you the flexibility to style it in your way. Comes in leather or fabric upholstery, the Aqua L-shaped sofa has nine layers of foam, cotton, and spring. Moreover, it has a solid wood internal structure that makes the Aqua sofa a perfect blend of comfort with reliability.

This sofa comes in 2 distinct sizes: 2130mm and 2400mm in length. The Aqua L-shaped sofa is exceptional for daytime naps; you can sit back and relax. The double couch style is perfect for movie marathons as it lets two people sit back and enjoy their leisure time. The wide seats of the Aqua sofa allow you to sit cross-legged with comfort. In addition to this, the 570mm depth of this sofa ensures a homey and relaxing experience.

Aqua sofa has a right firmness level (3/7 firmness rating) that certifies a proper body posture. This furniture piece has a silicone-coated cotton filling and is made of high-density urethane.


  • Ten years warranty
  • Made with fabric and Faux leather
  • Dimensions: Height 64 cm, Width 211cm, Depth 81cm
    Legs height: 8cm, Seat height: 40cm, Backrest height: 42cm
  • Silicon-coated cotton
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Spacious cushions
  • Nine layers of pocket coil
  • Breathable fabric covers
  • Flexible configurations
  • It comes with three cushions
  • Soft vegan leather upholstery
  • High-density foam
  • Solid wood frame

5. Anson Sofa

Anson Sofa Image: Choice Furniture
  • Best for
    Comfy and elegant style
  • Brand
    Choice Furniture
  • Model
  • Price
  • Shop now

Choice Furniture goes with a motto of  ‘better furniture, better homes’ and are there in the furniture industry for more than 20 years. The brand has maintained the position of being seasoned stewards of Singaporean’s furniture needs. Choice Furniture caters to customers of all backgrounds. The Anson sofa is among the masterpieces that Choice Furniture produces.

The thin metal legs and leather upholstery give the Anson sofa a classy look. So, to give your room an elegant and luxurious touch, you should go for this product. The Anson sofa is available in three colors: chocolate, black, and caramel. These colors can go with any home decor and furniture (can blend with any room shade).

In addition to this, the Anson sofa has plush and ultra-comfy cushions, which gives it a cozy vintage vibe. These cushions provide comfort when used for a longer time. It is available in 3 and 2-seater with an ottoman. However, you can buy it with or without an ottoman. You can use them as an extension to your three or two-seater set and arrange them as an L-shaped seat. The sofa is manufactured with faux leather. However, you can ask for the original leather by paying an extra SGD 500.


  • Super comfy and classy
  • High-quality material and fabrics
  • Assembly included
  • Dimensions: 2 Seater: L150 x D58 x H85 cm
    3 Seater: L210 x D58 x H85 cm
    Ottoman: L60 x D60 x H45cm
  • Durable and sturdier
  • Variety of colors: chocolate, caramel, and black

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