Iskina Cebu Singapore

  • Iskina Cebu Singapore Image: Iskina Cebu Singapore
  • Address
    Jing Ya Yuan Eating House #01-165
    1016 Geylang East Avenue 3
    Singapore 389731
  • Phone
    (65) 9326 2920
  • Opening hours
    Tue to Sun 12:00 - 21:00

Specialized in serving lechon, Iskina Cebu Singapore is a must visit culinary destination for those who fell in love with this chargrilled pork dish. Diners can find this lechon reataurant at Jing Ya Yuan Eating House, a coffee shop across Paya Lebar MRT station.


  • The best place in Singapore to have lechon: Through Iskina Cebu, lechon (chargrilled pork) is introduced to Singaporeans and the home-sick Filipinos. As they say “take bite or take that flight” because without this Filipino eatery, people will have to fly to Cebu, Philippines in order to feast on an authentic crispy lechon. To have the dish at its best, lechon lovers should arrive in the place at 12:30 on weekends or 17:30 on weekdays when the roasted pig is just ready after 5 hours spun over the charcoal fire.
  • Watch the grillers as they roast a pig: Definitely this is not something vegetarians would want to see. But if you are a fan of pork-based dishes, seeing how the pigs are being grilled over a hot charcoal pit could be found fascinating. You can just imagine the juiciness in the meat as the flavourful marinade is being brushed all over the pig’s body for 5 hours of roasting!
  • Crunchy pork skin and tender meat: The best thing about Cebu roasted pork is the crunchiness and juiciness you can get from every bite. The marinade stays intact in the meat so don’t be surprised why the meat tastes heavenly. But some may not like the saltiness of the lechon so be sure to dip it into a sauce made of garlic, vinegar, spices, and herbs and pair your meal with a can of soda.
  • Lechon de Cebu set at S$10: Diners may choose to go with a la carte order (S$40 per kilogram) or set meal (S$10). Served with a bowl of white rice, the lechon set meal is generous enough to make its fans satisfied.

The menu has a la carte and set meal options but it is limited to a small variety of roasted pigs and chickens. The crowd favourites are the spicy belly lechon and Lechon de Cebu that are known for their ‘porkiness’ and crispy skin. A small set meal is available for solo diners at S$6 to S$10, while the lechon for sharing (1 to 1.5kg) is good for 2 to 3 persons. Whole-pig orders are also available pre-order.

Iskina Cebu Singapore has a festive mood with its traditional “banderitas” (banners) motif which will remind diners of Lechon Festival in Cebu. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate a flock of customers during early dinner on weekdays, but on weekends it is best to come over the eatery 30 minutes before the lechon is ready by 12:30 to get the best seats.

Recommended Dishes
– Lechen de Cebu
– Liempo
– Spicy Bellychon
– Inasal na Manok (Roasted Chicken)

Average Price/Pax: S$10

Note: Online orders are available via the Iskina Cebu website

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