Merely Ice Cream

Merely Ice Cream
Merely Ice Cream
Image: Merely Ice Cream
  • Address
    91 Bencoolen Street
    Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652
  • Phone
    +65 6238 0890
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat 12:00 – 23:00
  • Serving fresh, natural and handcrafted ice-cream, there is nothing that can be called ‘merely’ about this ice-cream hang-out. The home-made ice-creams are made from natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts, and herbs, and are free from any chemical additives or artificial flavours. And the flavours are so delectable and wholesome in their own right that ice-creams here are served without any artificial sauces or additional toppings.


    • Central location: While many local ice cream parlours are settled down in the neighbourhood, Merely Ice Cream is conveniently located in Sunshine Plaza, a shopping mall in the central area of the city, making this very accessible to visit and enjoy awesome ice-creams. It is also a popular hang-out destination for the art students from nearby NAFA & Lasalle institutes.
    • Ever changing flavours: The makers love to experiment and come up with unique, exciting flavours all the time. Check their Facebook page and you will find the flavours changing almost daily. You will be greeted with amazing, new flavours every time you visit this place.
    • French custard style ice-creams: Ice-creams are created using egg yolks as a natural emulsifier. Though it makes the ice-creams melt faster than usual but that only means no stabilizers are added. People just love the natural way these cool delights are churned with thick, smooth creaminess without any icy texture.

    MENU: Merely Ice-cream parlour serves a cool array of natural, fresh ice-cream flavours. While ice-creams are primarily what attract the sweet delight lovers here, it is also famous for its warm, crispy waffles and crunchy cones that simply adds to the delightful experience.


    • Salted Butterscotch: This ice-cream is a perfect blend of rich brown butter, brown sugar, sea salt, balsamic vinegar and graham pie crust. The result is an incredibly sweet-savoury ice-cream where sea salt dreamily balances the sweet taste and the nutty flavour of the brown butter. The crunch of digestive biscuits complements this lusciously smooth ice-cream that simply melts in the mouth.
    • Red Velvet Cake: It has a base of creamy, sour-sweet cheese that is loaded with ice cream with freshly baked red velvet cake chunks mixed into it. Red Velvet Cake upside down? It is exactly that. This creative concoction brings a refreshing tangy touch to the sweetness of ice-cream. With every mouthful bursting with amazing flavours, it is without a doubt one of the most popular creation at Merely.
    • Gula Pandan: This rich, creamy delight is made up of palm sugar and coconut milk. Each spoonful reveals hearty chunks of pandan cake and makes it one of the sough-after flavour.


    • Coconut
    • Madagascar Vanilla
    • Rum & Raisin
    • Bailey’s Coffee
    • Oreo Milk
    • Horlicks Panda
    • Breakfast Cereal

    ATMOSPHERE: Merely Ice-cream is a small but really cute place with simple interiors, minimal décor and friendly staff. The wooden furniture adds a rustic feel to the atmosphere and with some amazing cartoons sketched on their walls, it comes across as a very artsy, colourful sort of place to chill-out. Customers draw interesting sketches and doodles that are used as table décor. You will mostly find the place buzzing with young, energetic crowd looking forward to enjoy awesome ice-creams.

    LOCATION: It is located in Sunshine Plaza opposite Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) campus.


    • Single Scoop: S$3.30
    • Double Scoop: S$5.60
    • Triple Scoop: S$7.90
    3.7 (67 Votes)

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