Image: Muchachos
  • Address
    22 Keong Saik Road
    Singapore 089129
  • Phone
    +65 6220 0458
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Thu 12:00 - 16:00, 18:00 - 22:00
    Fri & Sat 12:00 - 00:00
  • Looking for a quick burrito fix in Singapore? Muchachos is the place-to-be. Located amidst a hipster shophouse along Keong Saik Road, this fast food joint was founded by two young male entrepreneurs in 2013. Since then, they made it their mission to offer good Mexican food especially for American expats who have been longing for Tex-Mex burritos.


    • A popular place for burritos: Looking for delicious burritos in town? Make your way to Muchachos. Inspired by Subway and Chipotle, the concept at Muchachos is simple. You can build your own burrito from your choice of protein (or greens for vegans) salsa, filings, and sides, after which your burrito will be wrapped in tin foil – classic mission style. The burritos are large enough to be shared by two persons. Chips and guacamole do come at an extra price but they’re worth it.
    • Authentic Mexican hot sauce: If you’re a big fan of Mexican hot sauces like Sriracha and Tapatio, you can have it here at Muchachos. First-timers must be warned of the spiciness of these sauces, though. Other sides and dips like guacamole, pico de gallo, spicy verde salsa, sour cream, among many others are also available.
    • 50-cent buffalo-style chicken wings every Wednesday: This dish is enough reason for thrifty diners to travel up their way to Keong Saik Road. Aside from its cheap price at 50 cents per wing, the meat does taste satisfying with its vinegary sauce, home-made creamy dip, and tender-juicy chicken. It can definitely give other Buffalo style chicken wings joint a run for its money.
    • Mexican soda and beer: Completing a burrito-themed dining experience with a bottle of Corona beer or Jarritos (soda) wouldn’t have been possible in Singapore without Muchachos. No wonder this burrito joint is being frequented by those who want to have a chill night-out after work. Definitely a go-to place for the fans of burritos and beers!

    MENU: Being a fast food joint, Muchachos has a limited menu with burritos as the staple dish. Both vegans and non-vegans can dwell in this little burrito place to satiate their cravings, but don’t expect to have an extensive Mexican food adventure. A standard size burrito can be shared by two especially if you just feel like having a light meal/snack late in the evening, and then cap off the day with a bottle of Mexican soda or Corona beer.

    AMBIANCE: Located on a district known for its hipster crowd, Muchachos surprisingly opted to sport a simpler, down-to-earth and industrial chic décor. The ambiance is cool and laid-back with stools by the bar, suggesting if you’re going to dine-in here you might as well crack a beer open and then enjoy your burrito up to the last bite. Muchachos is quite a small place to hang for extended hours though, as it gets cramped easily due to the crowds coming in during afternoon and dinner.


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